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Ladies Bootcamp in Liverpool

Motivate Bootcamp is our ladies bootcamp in Liverpool.

You may visualise long runs through rough terrain; your only accessories wrist and ankle weights; hanging by one leg from strategically placed climbing walls; trainers screaming how fat and slow you are; celery sticks for dinner. You could not be more wrong! Who pays money for help from such unrealistic organisations? Bootcamp prepares you with the fundamentals to succeed by focusing your attention on your health and blocking out distractions. At Motivate Bootcamp, our goal is to prepare our clients to live a healthy lifestyle based on sensible eating habits and exercise that is fun. Our war is with the temptations of modern eating habits and the damage caused by poor lifestyle choices to our weight and health.

There is no hardship to be endured by our Motivate Bootcamp clients. Actually, for those living in Liverpool, ladies bootcamp is offered at four locations within two hours of the city. There is the Peak District for those who prefer the atmosphere of a 17th-century manor house for self-focus. For opportunities to convene with Nature, consider our boot camp in Snowdonia or Derbyshire. If you prefer an urban scene The Britannia Country House Hotel & Spa in Manchester is for you. All offer a small group setting with comfortable accommodations and fresh local food. All fitness levels are invited and all will benefit from our tailored programme designed especially to increase your fitness level and decrease your weight.

Remember, the purpose of ladies bootcamp in Liverpool  is to isolate, motivate, train, practice and send you home armed with the knowledge and skills to succeed. Therefore, follow-up is critical. Your group can keep in touch with each other and your trainers on social media. Sharing trials, errors, recipes and new ideas will strengthen your resolution. Contact Motivate Bootcamp when you are ready to take charge of your health and dedicate your focus on arming yourself with the tools of success. You can expect to lose some weight, get fit and make new friends within what could be a lifelong support keeping each other on track. You can win this war.

5 Easy ways to reduce calories and lose weight

5 Easy ways to reduce calories and lose weight


Reduce coffee/Increase water intake

Coffee contains 60 – 150 calories per cup – change to water or herbal teas to reduce this. If you do have coffee, then don’t add any sugar to it as this is more extra calories too – To see the calories click here


Reduce portion sizes

Load plate with veg and salad to fill it up

Use smaller plates/childs plates/side plates

Don’t go back for more food once finished (tub it up and have it for the next day or freeze it)

Don’t pick at food while cooking

Use cereal bowls for pasta/chilli

Measure out servings

Check serving size on food labels and stick to these

Avoid all you can eat places and carvery as this will cut out temptation


Cut out bad carbs

White pasta, rice, bread, fruit juice, cake, sugars, biscuits – they all have a high GI which we don’t want – instead opt for low GI foods – For examples click here


Reduce or cut out sauces and spreads

Mayonnaise, tomato sauce, sauces, and dressings can add up to 100 calories per serving – put them on the side if needed and don’t have butter/margarine


Cut out alcohol or change it

Use clear spirits and low calories mixers rather than wine, lager, cider which all have a lot of calories and can equal your daily calorie allowance if you have a few in the evening – To check calories click here

Portugal Bootcamp 2017 – Our Story

Hi everyone,

We have just come back from our Ladies Only Portugal Bootcamp in Albufeira and I thought id share a few of the things we did for those who may be thinking about booking with us on the next one.

Myself and Martin (one of the trainers) went on the Friday to get everything ready for the bootcampers arrival on the Saturday – and had a bit of relaxation before it kicks in. On the next day the clients arrived for their Portugal Bootcamp experience and we were ready to go 🙂

Portugal Bootcamp 2017 - Our Story Motivate Bootcamp

Once you book with us, we arrange everything so it runs nice and smoothly for you on arrival. Yellow Fish taxis welcome you and bring you directly to us where you settle in, and head off to the Pingo Doce supermarket to get your essentials for the week. Then the rest of the first day is full of sunbathing, relaxation, and an evening out to one of our favourite local restaurants – then the hard work begins!

Portugal Bootcamp 2017 - Our Story Motivate Bootcamp

Sunday morning is the start of the Bootcamp and 7am is the fitness tests, weigh ins and measurements – followed by a great mix of fitness classes and workshops on nutrition and healthy living throughout the morning, afternoons is solely for relaxation time. Throughout your week at bootcamp,  you can expect weight-loss, inch loss, and an increase of fitness, plus its the perfect kick-start for your body. Over the course of the next 5 days we had lots of cardio sessions including box-fit, zumba, interval runs, combat, aerobics, walks, salsacise, aqua aerobics, insanity, plus lots of resistance, core and stretch including circuits, functional training, core, and Pilates – plus we even had one night of glow zumba which was fantastic after a few gin and tonics! We are not a military bootcamp and we are here to have fun as well as exercise, after all, for some its the main holiday of the year – BUT – we are also here to motivate you, encourage, and to give you a fantastic bootcamp experience in Portugal where you will not only learn more about yourself and your habits, but you will also learn lots of new things and make friends for life! (we have ladies re-booking year after year with us and we count them as part of out extended family

Portugal Bootcamp 2017 - Our Story Motivate Bootcamp

In the evenings its also a great chance to socialise and relax – 3 of the nights we have an onsite BBQ, 3 nights we have optional trips out to local Portuguese restaurants (which do amazing fish – and piri piri that is literally to hot to even sample), one night we head out into the new town where we use a fantastic restaurant called ‘Doris’, and the other night we all venture into the old town of Albufeira and we eat in the same restaurant every year (its overlooking the beach with a gorgeous view of the ocean). From here we head out for a couple of drinks to watch a bit of live music and enjoy the atmosphere (there may be a few sore heads in the morning as some decide to go ‘out out’ but a walk to the beach and team games soon wakes everybody up)

As this is a holiday too, we do have free time, and this year we added an afternoon out to Vilamoura which was a fantastic place! We also have afternoons free to relax and do a bit of shopping and on the last day we also have a group outing. This year some ladies ventured into the old town of Albufeira for a bit of shopping and sangria (well deserved), whilst others including myself headed to the beach to have lunch and to do a bit of water sports 🙂 my first time on a jet ski and I loved it!

At the end of the week when people head home its always an emotional one – as you do grow so close to each other and meet friends for life!  You take home many memories, laughs, cries (from burpees) – but you also take home less weight, smaller waistline, and more importantly the motivation to continue your new healthy lifestyle. We love our bootcamp family and are not only there to support you whilst on bootcamp, but we keep in touch with you regularly throughout the year and I actually speak and see some bootcampers more than family – its what makes our job so complete and it is so rewarding 🙂

If this is something you are interested in then you can book online at for just £99 deposit – or if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us

We love Portugal and know you will love it too!

Hope to see you in the sun 🙂

PS Don’t forget your Fitbit – the average was 20 – 25k per day (you will definitely win the midweek hustle)


Portugal Bootcamp 2017 - Our Story Motivate Bootcamp


Book Now for the Ladies Portugal Bootcamp 2018 and make the new year a NEW YOU


  • UK Bootcamp Retreats are also available in Manchester, Derbyshire, Peak District, Leicestershire & Cornwall

Weekend Boot Camp in Manchester

Book your weekend boot camp stay in Manchester, North West

You’ll stay at the luxurious Britannia Country House Hotel & Spa with all meals provided in the hotel restaurant. Enjoy relaxing at the pool and spa and you may have time to check out the nearby shops. You and your friends will make new friends in our small group of boot campers and there are always a lot of laughs.

The most important part of your stay with us at Motivate Boot Camp is give your fitness programme a kick-start to get in shape for the biggest day of your life. In Manchester, weekend boot camp means that you can attend our workshops on nutrition and meal planning. Our variety of exercise sessions are fun and effective. You will take home fresh ideas and new fitness information to follow up with at home that will result in reaching your fitness goal. Bringing your friends along means you go home with built in accountability which makes sticking to a fitness program easier. Motivate Bootcamp is for ladies only and our nutrition and fitness programmes are geared toward women. We have inspirational and motivational speakers and stories that will stay with you and come to mind when you need them.

Our weekend boot camp in Manchester will help put you in the right frame of mind to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we neglect of our health because we’re too busy or too stressed. We just want to do what makes us feel good. Our hope is when you return from boot camp what makes you feel good will be healthy eating, exercise and intentional relaxation. Contact Motivate Bootcamp and schedule your weekend with us. You will have fun and learn Zumba, Pilates, Yoga and some hard core stamina and muscle building. We are the Number one weight loss and fitness residential bootcamp retreat for women in the UK.