5 Easy ways to reduce calories and lose weight

5 Easy ways to reduce calories and lose weight


Reduce coffee/Increase water intake

Coffee contains 60 – 150 calories per cup – change to water or herbal teas to reduce this. If you do have coffee, then don’t add any sugar to it as this is more extra calories too – To see the calories click here


Reduce portion sizes

Load plate with veg and salad to fill it up

Use smaller plates/childs plates/side plates

Don’t go back for more food once finished (tub it up and have it for the next day or freeze it)

Don’t pick at food while cooking

Use cereal bowls for pasta/chilli

Measure out servings

Check serving size on food labels and stick to these

Avoid all you can eat places and carvery as this will cut out temptation


Cut out bad carbs

White pasta, rice, bread, fruit juice, cake, sugars, biscuits – they all have a high GI which we don’t want – instead opt for low GI foods – For examples click here


Reduce or cut out sauces and spreads

Mayonnaise, tomato sauce, sauces, and dressings can add up to 100 calories per serving – put them on the side if needed and don’t have butter/margarine


Cut out alcohol or change it

Use clear spirits and low calories mixers rather than wine, lager, cider which all have a lot of calories and can equal your daily calorie allowance if you have a few in the evening – To check calories click here