• We are putting on our first 5 day UK Bootcamp in Cornwall in September   We have decided that North Cornwall is going to be our venue, at Hengar Manor Country Park, St Tudy, Bodmin. Our Cornwall bootcamp retreat is ladies only and on an all-inclusive basis, which means that all your meals/snacks are catered for whilst you are there, enabling you to focus on yourself! (sorry no mars bars or crisps cravings will be catered for).The bootcamp
  • Cornwall Bootcamp 2017 | 5 days | Ladies-Only Motivate Bootcamp
    Manchester bootcamp at the Airport Inn Hotel & Spa in Wilmslow     This is a great venue for our Manchester bootcamp weekend and suits us perfectly. Over the course of the weekend you will have lots of activities to give your body the perfect kickstart. There will be a variety of fitness classes and also workshops on nutrition and healthy living Within the hotel we have executive rooms which are either private, twin, or
  • A REVIEW FROM “JOG ON FATTY” BLOG ABOUT OUR LADIES BOOTCAMP WEEKEND Have you ever looked at these advertised’Bootcamps’ and thought… ‘I’m too fat and unfit for that’? There’s NO WAY could I possibly do that… Could I? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like and secretly wanted to try it? Has your size or weight put you off? Do you have those niggly thoughts in your head telling you that you can’t?
  • High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT, is a fantastic workout and it’s also the most effective training method for burning fat. We use this type of session quite often on our Ladies-Only Bootcamps, and although it’s tough – its great! Not only does it get your fat burners fired up, but it also boosts your metabolism and will get you super fit by improving your cardiovascular fitness. Regular HIIT workouts will make you
  • Many people believe that fat is unhealthy and that eating it will make them fat, so it’s often the first macronutrient people cut out when trying to get lean. This is a common mistake, because not all fats are bad; in fact, some are essential to the body and must be obtained from your diet. WHY ARE FATS IMPORTANT? Fats have several important roles in the body, including: • A small amount of fat is
  • Fancy a low calorie cocktail? Who says you can’t enjoy a nice cocktail on a summers day without thinking about the effect on your waistline! You may be avoiding friend chicken, burgers and hot dogs at summer parties, but if you’re sipping on colourful alcoholic concoctions, your drink could contain more calories – gram for gram – than food. One gram of alcohol, for instance, has seven calories, compared to the four calories contained in a
  • Benefits of Exercise You’ve been told a hundred times that exercise is good for you, and it’s true – but it’s good for a lot more than just losing weight or building muscle. Here are 10 other benefits you’ll see from just a little daily exercise. 10.Improve Your Memory Ever feel like you think a bit more clearly after a good workout? Not only is your brain getting more energy and oxygen, but many studies
  • Nutrition Myths Here are a few of the nutrition topics we get questioned about so we thought we would clear a few up as nutrition can be a confusing subject! Low-carb diets are the best for fat loss Society has seemingly moved on from its war on fat to a war on carbs. Sugary, delicious carbs have a bulls-eye placed squarely on them and have been named the culprit for everything from obesity and diabetes
  • Exercise Myths The majority of the population is overweight. Most of the younger generation sees the issues older adults, who have neglected their health, have to deal with, and they work like hell to avoid ever having to go through that themselves. Because of this, the fitness industry has boomed. There are more of us than ever before looking to get fit and learn about fitness, which means, there’s more confusing information on the Internet