Bootcamp in Spain

Bootcamp in Spain Motivate BootcampOur ladies only fitness bootcamp in Spain is a holiday you won’t regret. Many return from holiday feeling sluggish and tired; guilt-ridden over the weight they’ve gained from too much food and lying about. Shouldn’t holiday refresh and energise us? We at Motivate Bootcamp have proven you can enjoy a holiday that will send you home with a spring in your step instead of a tired, bloated body. You are probably thinking bootcamp and holiday is a contradiction of terms; not true. Sign up for our holiday boot camp being held at one of our sumptuous  locations in Spain. It’s a perfect place to help you focus on your fitness needs and goals without outside distraction.

Our week-long retreat will include up to six hours of training each day.  For those six hours of boot camp in Spain there is another eight hours or more for activities at the beach, local sightseeing, in-town shopping or just relaxing by a pool and reading. The six hours of workouts are optional; our trainers will suggest the amount needed to meet your goals. Fitness is fun and when you reset your thinking and consider fitness as a gift you give yourself instead of a chore you will come to recognise the fun. Each boot camp is limited to ten participants who, together in purpose, will zumba, work-out on the beach, box-fit and strengthen their core and laugh. Laughter is the greatest cleanse of all and you will make friends for life.

Our bootcamp in Spain is all inclusive with meals and snacks prepared by our own chef, comfortable twin or private rooms and airport transfers. We send you home with tools from our healthy living workshops to keep you motivated and on track. One of those tools is our social network designed to stay in touch and support each other. You will have achieved your initial fitness goal and be ready to move to the next, strong in your resolve to continue at home what you started at boot camp. Our week-long retreats fill up fast so don’t wait to schedule. Call us today and look forward to the most rewarding holiday of your life.