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How To Set Goals & Stick To Them 

One of my favourite workshops we teach at the UK and Portugal Bootcamp is the Goals workshop. It’s a simple yet effective way of getting clients to have a focus of what they what from their time here so they don’t go away feeling as if the whole week just passed them by.

It has been known that many high achiever (athletes, business people and those who are top of the craft) are goal driven. This blog is here to explain exactly how they break these down so that you can achieve your health and fitness goals with ease!


“True success is all about working towards meaningful goals.”


When guest are here they normally come with a general goal of fat loss, which is a great starting point but in order to achieve these goals we need to give our self more detail and put in place actionable steps.


SMART goals setting is a brilliant way to get crystal clear on your goals.

Specific – Don’t be general, what are the gritty details?

Measurable – How will you track your progress?

Achievable – Has your goal been achieved by anyone else before?

Realistic – Have you planned it out?

Time – How long do you have?


These 5 simple points can take you general goal into an action plan so you have created the stepping stones to success.


From here break it down from your time that you’ve given yourself. If that’s 6 months, then make reflection time (or mini goals) for months 2 and 4 to make sure you are staying accountable and on track towards your end goal.


We’ve all been that person who had some sort of assignment they’ve left right up to the last minute, and sadly you can’t do that with fat loss (if you are doing that you’ll be getting into fad and yoyo dieting which isn’t fun or good for your body!) so make sure you’re taking the time to sit down with your goals and plan them for success!

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Great ways to Incorporate Fitness to the Outdoors 

Here at our Ladies’ Only Portugal Bootcamp we try to make the most of the outdoors as there is nothing worse then being stuck indoors on a hot sunny day.

These are things you might be able to incorporate into your training while at home and plan towards to add excitement, fun and the great outdoors into your current routine!


Beach Runs

This can be a lot harder than you think. Just a change in the terrain (swapping the concrete for sand) will create resistance through your feet and strengthen your arches, ankles and calves so I would highly reckoned going barefoot to really keep those results!

Because you’re working hard then normal, you’re naturally going to burn more calories which is perfect for a fat loss goal. If you don’t have a beach near you then look for other areas like woodland, forests or hill walks as you will get similar results with different inclines.


Walking in Nature 

Here in Portugal we’ve seen the beautiful wildlife such as a range of birds, a few snakes and every house seems to have dogs. We’re also surrounded by stunning views in the country side where the Villa but then we’re half an hours walk from the breath-taking picturesque beaches.

Getting out and about whether it just to explore can add excitement to exercise making the time fly while getting fit and having fun.

Being out in nature is also a great way if you are feeling stressed out with work. We’re proud to have many career driven women at our bootcamps who have high pressured jobs and they all comment on how nice it is to totally switch off giving them mental health benefits as well as physical ones!


Water Sports

Paddle boarding, Kayaking and Surfing are great examples of outdoor activity sessions that are not only fun, but help you work up a sweat and burn a lot of calories! They are also great for resistance training too. Try them out at your nearest beach, water sports centre, or local lake/canal and enjoy something different to your workout! We don’t offer these on our UK camps but on our Portugal Bootcamps we offer the opportunity to join in all these sessions.


Aqua Fit

The water might be cold here in Portugal, but after your HIIT and resistance bands workout you can’t wait to jump in and cool off! Aqua fit has SO many health benefits from co-ordination, balance and a great session for rehabilitation after injury. It’s a great cardiovascular workout for those who might struggle to perform certain moves on land (like star jumps or jump squats) and overtime will start to tone your muscles just from the resistance of the water and making it hard with equipment like noodles or aqua dumbbells. You may have Aqua in an outdoor pool near you!

If you want to incorporate the wild side then a cold water sea dip might be a challenge you want to take while on your beach walk!



Top 8 Important Reasons Why Women Should Incorporate Resistant Training into Their Life 

Weight training can include bodyweight and/or adding other weights such as the bells (kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells) resistance bands, or resistance machines into your workouts.


So why is it so important for women to include this into their life?


  • Prevents the chances of developing Osteoporosis.

This is a condition where the bones become brittle of weak making you more at risk of breaks and fracture – but also preventing you to heal fully if this happens too. You might not being worrying about this when you’re younger, however women are 80% more likely to develop this condition compared to men due to a drop in hormones and hitting peri/ and full blown menopause.


  • Helps with Insulin Resistance

When your body becomes resistant to insulin is means you have too much glucose (sugar) in the blood for the cells to store and use as energy, thus creating a backlog and making you resistant. This isn’t good as your blood should transport glucose, not store it. Strength training is brilliant at utilising that excess glucose so that the muscles can soak it up out of the blood stream preventing your risk of pre diabetes or diabetes T2.


  • Fat loss and a change in body composition

Weight loss is something a lot of women want to achieve for different reasons. While any exercise can benefit in your goal for weight loss, strength training is the only form that will change your body composition over time as it become lean with muscle mass.


  • Burns more Calories than Cardio

Linking from the point above – the our body burns more calories when it has more muscles mass. So the lean you become the more you will burn in all over your workouts.


  • You’ll Improve Your Balance

If you’ve always been a little clumsy then lifting weight can greatly improve your balance due to training our fast twitch muscles which spring to action when you do lose your balance.


  • Reduces back pain

I always encourage women with back pain to start with body weight back strengthening exercises that process into weight lifting. Interestingly I also do this with prenatal clients as it helps them have less pain during the pregnancy. The earlier you start with this training the better!


  • Enhances Your Mood

Mental health has become a big talking point as so many of us can struggle in so many different ways. It’s not as taboo as it used to be, but there are still conversations to be had. So many people get into strength training to help improve their mindset and mood. Progressive overload means you can see progress that isn’t related or dependant to a scale number and obviously working out releases those endorphins (happy hormones)


  • Builds a better booty!

I’m actually not just talking about the atheistic here (also who doesn’t want a nice juicy peach!) Having strong glutes help us lift, prevent knee injury as well as aiding proper pelvic alignment.


Unsure of where to start? Join us on a fitness event in the UK or Portugal and let our experienced trainers help you on your journey

The Top Reasons to Take a Weight Loss Holiday

The Top Reasons to Take a Weight Loss Holiday

Going on a weight loss holiday is probably one of the best things you can do with yourself. There are plenty of reasons to do it, and many have gone on a fitness holiday and found it’s a lot of fun.

However, why should you consider taking a holiday for the sake of getting fit? There are plenty of compelling reasons why. Let’s explore the top reasons why you’ll want to explore this idea.


Making an Investment


The concept of a seven-night fitness camp is getting more popular than ever thanks to growing awareness of the importance of taking care of one’s body throughout life.

You’re making an investment into your health which will carry on into old age.


Better Overall Fitness

A weight-loss holiday can be good for making sure that you maintain a high level of fitness.

A boot camp abroad is going to be something that demands a level of fitness. Your body will naturally adjust quickly, and you’ll feel better than ever once you’re done.

Physical fitness is tied to weight in a lot of cases, and the better your fitness, the healthier your body is.


Preventing Burn Out

When we’re trying to do half a dozen things at once every day, burnout is just one bad day away. It’s a sad truth that things like health, fitness and good eating habits fall by the wayside during busy moments.

A ladies boot camp is one of the best ways to make sure that when it comes to your body and mental health, you don’t burn out by getting a chance to rest and recharge.


Rebalancing Your Hormones

A fitness holiday can help with stress. Your body produces a stress hormone called cortisol, and it will produce elevated levels if you live a stressful life. An abundance of cortisol in the body can lead to mood swings, fatigue, and weight gain.

Taking the time to go on a fitness holiday where you participate in physical activities, eat healthy food, and rest your body will allow the cortisol to return to normal levels. Effectively, you are rebalancing your hormones.


Get Away From It All

A weight-loss holiday is an excellent opportunity to get away from everything. If you’re not feeling the love for technology and work and responsibilities, it might be a good idea to take a holiday and get away from it all.


Final Thoughts

So, there are many reasons why you should have a weight loss holiday, and it’s clear to see that there are a lot of benefits to be gained. Obviously, it’s important to try and get the best possible lifestyle, which is why you should focus on doing things that will make you happy.


The holiday options we provide are great for recharging your batteries, increasing your physical fitness, and losing a bit of weight along the way, so why not take a look? Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions or queries.

CLICK HERE to view our bootcamp dates and reserve your place


Top 5 Fitness Bootcamps in Birmingham

Top 5 Bootcamps in Birmingham

Weekly and Residential Fitness Camps in the Midlands

In a city like Birmingham, businesses and business owners thrive on supply and demand. Because there is so much going on, these like-minded individuals below decided to step away from mainstream gyms and try alternative bootcamps. Sound like something for you?

Bootcamps can be a great way to get in shape, motivated, lose weight, and meet new friends, with the help of a qualified instructor who is there throughout your session

If you are looking for a new year kickstart bootcamp around the Birmingham area, then why not check out the following:


Motivate Bootcamp

Established in 2013, Motivate Bootcamp’s UK fitness and weight loss breaks provide a fantastic  weekend retreat for women. They have a number of venues throughout the UK, which provide all the necessary facilities such as luxury rooms, swimming pool, spar, steam room, sauna, and fantastic restaurant dining areas with tailored chefs.  This bootcamp also caters for all ages and abilities


Birmingham’s Fitness Bootcamp

Located in Clifton Rd, Sutton Coldfield B73 6EB, Birmingham’s fitness bootcamp offers a variety of different training every Saturday at the venue advertised. Whilst not as flexible in comparison to other bootcamps that have been discussed in prior blogs Birmingham’s fitness bootcamp still competes with the best bootcamps available to the public with all the necessities.


Steve Travers Group Personal Training and Indoor Bootcamp

Located at Oasis Church, South St, Harborne, Birmingham B17 0DB. Steve Travers Bootcamp is home made which for many of you out there may find this ideal as it is private, you don’t have to worry about strangers surrounding you whilst you work out. With fantastic coaching at affordable prices Steve Traver is a bootcamp host you may want to visit if you reside in Birmingham.


Battle Bootcamp

Located at Pype Hayes Park, Sutton Coldifeld, B24 0HJ located closer to Wolverhampton. Battle Bootcamp provides brilliant outdoor bootcamp classes at the local park for men and women who want to join along, have fun and get fit!. With a number of different locations around the U.K. such as Leeds and London. Battle bootcamp is highly flexible for many people nationally who want to get involved.


Cre8 Shape up

Located at 122 Main St, Dickens Heath, Shirley, Solihull B90 1UA. With a powerful company mission and a number of fantastic instructors at their disposal, Cre8 Shape up provides a high standard of service when it comes to running fitness classes/bootcamps. At an affordable price and number of set days for classes, Cre8 Shape up is easily accessible and flexible for anyone to come along and join.

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Fitness bootcamps in Leeds and Yorkshire

Fitness & Weight Loss Bootcamps in Leeds & Yorkshire

An active weekend fitness break designed for women

In the city of Leeds, if you are dedicated to your own personal health and wellbeing it is important to know the best sites and/or activities that can benefit you on your fitness journey.

Ladies Bootcamps are the perfect kickstart to begin living a healthy lifestyle and giving you the perfect kickstart with your health and fitness goals

Fitness bootcamps in Leeds and Yorkshire Motivate Bootcamp

Motivate Bootcamp

Established in 2013, Motivate Bootcamp’s UK fitness events provide a fantastic 2-3 weekend retreat for women. The Yorkshire based bootcamp takes place at the Holiday Inn Leeds Brighouse, and it provides all the necessary facilities such as pool, spa, steam room, sauna, restaurant/dining areas with tailored chefs. This boot camp is ladies only and suitable for all ages and abilities. (There are also a number of other boot camp weekends throughout the country, plus a 7 night Portugal fitness retreat)


Leeds Fit

Established in 2020, Leeds fit is an outdoor bootcamp for anyone and everyone. Providing a variation of different classes such as classic bootcamp, circuit training and a running class. Hosted by another fantastic, experienced instructor Leeds fit bootcamp is a fitness class you must consider attending whilst in Leeds if you are looking for a brilliant way to get a workout in.


UK Outdoor Fitness Group

A fitness bootcamp based in Leeds, hosted in a variation of locations around the city, this bootcamp has also specialised in committing anyone in the bootcamp who would like to join, to tough obstacle courses such as Total warrior and Yorkshire mud run. These fantastic opportunities help mould your mindset into dedication for improvement on your overall fitness.


Leeds Fitter Bodies   

A fitness bootcamp based in Leeds, hosted in a variation of locations around the city, this bootcamp provides a one of a kind experience which helps you develop, maintain and reap the benefits of great knowledge that will allow you to embark on your fitness journey as you please. With several benefits and help from the instructors such as goal evaluation and dietary guidance, this bootcamp is one you cannot miss.


Trail Blazer Fitness 

An affordable, all ages friendly bootcamp that still offers all the necessary knowledge to help you find your best self. With many different locations hosted around the city this bootcamp is flexible for anyone in Leeds to come along, classes running from 7 days a week with amazing instructors with a large portfolio of success stories, this bootcamp speaks for itself.


For more information on UK events please CLICK HERE

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Ladies Bootcamp In Manchester

Ladies Fitness Bootcamp Weekend In Manchester

Female Fitness Events That Get Results

Our Motivate Bootcamps are highly regarded weightloss and fitness residential retreats for ladies only. Our staff of directors and instructors are professionals in the many areas targeted at our bootcamp, including relaxation, nutrition and exercise. We have a number of retreat venues around the country to bring our program of lifestyle change to as many women as possible. We present an opportunity to reset your focus on your own health and fitness. During your boot camp weekend in Manchester with us and even after you return home, we will cheer you on and motivate your commitment to good health.

Sometimes in life we need to click our reset button and a 2 Day Ladies Bootcamp in Manchester is a perfect reset point

Ladies Bootcamp In Manchester Motivate Bootcamp

Commit a weekend devoted to your fitness retreat and discover the difference this short time can make in your confidence and focus on a healthy lifestyle.  If you are nearby in Manchester, ladies bootcamp retreats are conducted at Airport Inn Hotel & Spa in Wilmslow. There is a health club and spa on site as well as two restaurants. Your Motivate Bootcamp ladies retreat includes comfortable accommodation, meals and our kick start fitness sessions and workshops. Our trainers will provide you with a plan for exercise, weight loss and information about nutrition and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, plus you will be given the tools to incorporate the knowledge you’ve gained into your everyday life.

One important benefit of our ladies bootcamp in Manchester is fun and laughter. Our groups are small so you will make new friends, share experiences and have time to just relax. When you step away from your daily routine and place yourself in a new environment your perspective changes.  Contact us at Motivate Bootcamp and schedule your fitness retreat in the North West. It’s time to do yourself a favour and have fun. Lighten up and burn off that toxic negative energy with cleansing nutrition and muscle awakening physical activity.

Ladies Bootcamp In Manchester Motivate Bootcamp

CLICK HERE to view our 2 day fitness camps in the UK

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Top tips to return to the gym post lockdown

What to think about when getting back into fitness.

With the most recent post-pandemic reopening, many of our daily activities, such as dining indoors at full capacity, no mask mandates, and, of course, returning to the gym, appear to be on the horizon. If, like many others, you have not been to the gym in over a year, the prospect of going back can be intimidating. It may take some time to become acclimated to working out indoors, and it may be tough to recall your prior workout schedule. Your pandemic-weary muscles may be lifting weights for the first time in what seems like an eternity.

Before we get started, congratulate yourself on your decision to go back to the gym. Maybe even set yourself up for more success by joining us at a bootcamp near you, or a wellness retreat in Portugal, where we can give you all the tools you need to gain confidence and give you the knowledge to succeed in the gym.



All fitness workouts should start with the final aim in mind, it is all about getting to where you want to be—and not just physically or aesthetically. Your workout programme should also consider your mental and emotional health. You will burn out if you are not in good shape and go to the gym too hard.

Aim small, miss little. Six-month objectives are fantastic, but we often struggle to achieve them because we lack a practical knowledge of how to get there. Micro-goals are beneficial Every two weeks, set a new objective and focus on accomplishing it. This will also give you the confidence to take on the following one.

Put down your idea with a pen and paper. Identifying your ‘why’ works well with some other visual goals you want to attain. To track your progress, get a cardiovascular mile marker—something that measures time or distance while running—and a specific training routine” why not look at Fitbit?

Additionally, if you are unsure of your goals then join us at Boot camp where we run a specialised goal setting workshop.


Top tips to return to the gym post lockdown Motivate Bootcamp



Working out intelligently is always preferable to working out harder. Everyone has different goals and bodies, so there isn’t a one size fits all gym approach, it’s critical to be crystal clear about your fitness goals and to plan accordingly. Start with 30 minutes of exercise five days a week if you are a beginner. We recommend exercising at least 30 – 45 minutes six days a week if you are more physically fit and want to lean out or tone up. Mix it up, include some cardio, and enjoy your training. It is all about building new habits that lead to a genuine lifestyle shift when it comes to exercise.


Look for a terrific instructor and a sense of camaraderie in your classes. It is fantastic to be pushed by an enthusiastic teacher and the person who is working diligently next to you. Just keep in mind that the instructor has twenty other people to concentrate on, so it’s up to you to push yourself hard enough while still knowing when to take a breather.”

Check out our team where we have a fantastic range of instructors to take you through your paces at our weekend fitness camps

Top tips to return to the gym post lockdown Motivate Bootcamp



Starting from a high repetition basis is a terrific plan of attack for returning weight training into your life, this improves your muscle endurance capacity and allows you to concentrate on breathing, which is the most under appreciated and crucial aspect of weight training. Make each workout a twenty-repetition challenge for yourself. When choosing between free weights and machines, always go with the free weights. Machines are fine, but they lock you into a fixed posture, and you won’t be able to enhance your range of motion or flexibility that way.



You may have forgotten how to behave around others after a year away from the gym, first and foremost, stay away from using the machinery for long periods of time. Because you are not the only one attempting to get in a solid workout, stay focused and complete your sets in a respectable amount of time. Smile and say hi to everyone you meet. Also, keep your personal hygiene in check. You may not be concerned about how you smell in your garage, but others are.



Fitness is not limited to what takes place within the confines of a gym. Sleep is essential for both performance and recovery, every night, give yourself the opportunity to obtain a full night’s sleep. You will experience better results at the gym if you have a good sleep schedule.

In terms of diet, we believe that a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is essential for achieving specific athletic goals. Without adequate macronutrients, you cannot create lean muscle or lose weight. Eat with purpose and exercise with purpose. Whether you are focusing on strength or cardio, make sure you understand why you are training the way you are. Nutrition is covered throughout our fitness events if you would like more information




Never leave home without a water bottle, deodorant and exercise bands In your gym bag, it’s all about the right clothes, a towel, sanitary wipes, a cell phone charger and a snack. Another idea is to carry a small note pad to track which exercises I did: the weight, reps and how you feel. It is also a great place to jot down ideas on how you can continue to make progress towards my goals.


Need more inspiration for a successful return to the gym? Check out the boot camp dates for our ladies weekend retreats in the UK and affordable weight loss camps abroad where we can provide you with a variety of fitness classes and bootcamp workouts to give you inspiration on your fitness or weight loss journey.

Top tips to return to the gym post lockdown Motivate Bootcamp

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss?

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss?

A Fitness & Weight Loss holiday may be just what you need, especially if you are struggling to take that much need timeout to focus on yourself, develop your goals, and put a plan in place so you can be the best version of you


Exercise in Different Surroundings

Instead of exercising in a gym, or at home, these luxury retreats tend to give you the chance to work out somewhere that you may not usually have access to. At our Portugal boot camps we exercise daily in the beautiful Algarve, whether it’s by the pool, beach, or in the open countryside. It really does have a massive impact on your mood and gives you great mental clarity as well as physical. You are away from all the modern stresses of everyday life, technology being a big part of this. It enables you to switch off and have a much-needed time out, not forgetting the fantastic tan you will get too because of the weather!

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp

Fully Focused Mentality

You will get a chance to really reflect on your current lifestyle and have the time to make the changes needed for when you return home. There is nothing to stop you getting to grips with everything in your life while at a weight loss camp. Whilst at bootcamp we have workshops on goal setting, nutrition, meal plans plus many more which are designed you help you to create a plan for once you leave us. Post boot camp support is also available for as long as you need us

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp


Access to Fitness Trainers & Equipment

Back home, many of you will only have access to fitness trainers if you pay a lot of money on personal training. Many situations involve being part of large class-based environments with limited personal attention. This is one of the reasons that we limit our numbers on our luxury retreats to 12 people. The enables us to give you personalised attention during your 7-night Portugal break, with personal trainers available 24/7 for whatever you need, whether its nutrition & fitness advice, or even just someone to talk to about any other lifestyle issues you may have. You also have full access to our fitness equipment for the duration of your stay, plus a private swimming pool. It really is the best place to gain as much knowledge and tips from us as you can, and we love helping you to learn and develop

We have a wide range of fitness classes during the week (over 30 classes – all of them are optional), so it’s the perfect time to try something new, and increase your confidence in the process.

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp


Support Methods

One of the ways our wellness retreats works perfectly, is that everyone joins us for similar reason, that they need sometime away to be active and focus on themselves. Over the course of the week you will meet friends for life, and it’s an extremely supportive group. We always do everything together, including sitting together for all meals. We also have BBQ nights and arrange group activities like a boat trip, paddle boarding etc. We have many people re booking with people that they met on the boot camp time and time again, which shows us just how supportive retreats can be. We also have private Facebook and WhatsApp groups that are set up before the camp, so people can get to know each other

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp



Our retreats are not just about exercising throughout the day (like most other bootcamps do), we appreciate that it is also a holiday. This is why each day we have relaxation time every afternoon, giving you the chance to soak up the sun by the pool, read a book, or head to the beach or nearby town – we are a bootcamp and holiday combined in one. We also have an evening out in Albufeira Old Town, where we use a restaurant overlooking the beach (amazing sunset), and then there is an option to have a few drinks and a dance for those who would like to let their hair down.

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp

Our Portugal Fitness Camps are designed around our members, and we are continuously changing and improving them year on year. We have a fantastic network of fitness trainers and lifestyle coaches who we bring with us, and we have a chef with over 20 years’ experience, who is there throughout your stay to provide you with delicious and nutritious meals

We run the retreats throughout the year, and they do fill up quite quickly. If you would like to book then it’s just £199 deposit and the balance can either be paid 12 weeks before your event, or it can be paid monthly (just let us know what option you prefer once booked)


portugal bootcamp

Bespoke Bootcamp for PT’s & Health Clubs

Are you a Personal Trainer, Health Club, or Class Instructor? who would love to run a retreat for your own clients?

Why not let us arrange a bootcamp for you? We take all of the hassle out of organising a trip like this which allows you to focus on what you do best – helping your clients to achieve the best results!

Why offer your clients a Portugal Bootcamp?

  • Fantastic income for yourselves
  • Additional service which will put you ahead of the competition when attracting clients
  • Increased retention rates
  • Great for client rapport, team building and RESULTS!
  • Increased referrals once your clients tell friends/family about their experience
  • A break away from everyday life for your clients to focus on their goals
  • Regular yearly event will boost your branding and awareness


Bespoke Bootcamp for PT's & Health Clubs Motivate Bootcamp

What Bootcamp Packages do we offer?

We have a number of different bootcamp packages available including self-catering and All Inclusive. All of our options can also be adapted to make it bespoke for your business. Why not check them both out then ask your clients what they prefer.

We are now taking bookings for 2020 as the dates so fill up fast

Whats Included:

  • Luxury private villa in Albufeira,  Algarve
  • Return private airport transfers from Faro airport
  • Variety of fitness equipment
  • Pre bootcamp Support (flights/schedule/meal plans/activities/additional instructors)
  • Assistance throughout your stay


  • Fitness trainers to teach a variety of classes inc Yoga, Pilates, Combat, Zumba, Aqua, Strong by Zumba, Boxing, Core, Meditation
  • Sports Masseuse who can come in to the villa throughout the week to offer sports massage
  • Chef to provide meals if you require an All Inclusive Bootcamp
  • Activities such as boat trips, paddle-boarding, surfing


Bespoke Bootcamp for PT's & Health Clubs Motivate Bootcamp


For more information and a brochure please CONTACT US

family fitness

How to stay fit during the 6 weeks holidays

How to stay fit during the 6 weeks holidays!

The kids are off school for a whole six weeks and you feel like your time isn’t your own anymore and you have fallen out of routine. Sound familiar? DON’T PANIC!! I know you have worked hard but with a few of these simple tips to follow, you can ensure that you stay on track and don’t undo the progress that you have made!


Set yourself a goal

You may be out of routine but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a clear and concise goal to work towards. Not only will this give you something to focus on but you are more likely to achieve a set goal than to just vaguely establishing a routine.

This can be something as simple as;

  • Attending the gym twice a week
  • Attending a class or joining a local bootcamp or fitness weekend
  • Going out for a long walk with the family more often
  • Not indulging on the kids snacks!

How to stay fit during the 6 weeks holidays Motivate Bootcamp


Spend time in the kitchen

This may seem a boring one but think about it, when was the last time you weren’t rushing in from work, grabbing something quick to feed yourself and the family or bunging something in the microwave?

Take the time you have to fall in love with cooking again and batch cook to make it easy for yourself on your busier days. You can even get the kids involved!! Most kids love to cook, it’s hands on, it’s messy and there’s plenty of room for creativity, not to mention a sense of achievement at the end. Teach your kids this life skill and you really will set them up for life, combine it with making their meal and you’ve set them up for the day too (

By the end of the 6 weeks holiday if you feel you need a getaway and have someone else worry about your diet and fitness then check out one of our all All inclusive or self catering bootcamp retreats

How to stay fit during the 6 weeks holidays Motivate Bootcamp


Involve the Family

Just as you might involve the whole family by cooking healthier meals for everyone, you can also get them excited about working out.  With the kids off school it can be hard to find time to workout, so try to find fun activities that gets everyone out the house and active together.  Knowing how to stay fit during the holidays is always going to be challenging but try going on bike rides or hikes, followed by a picnic or even take the whole family swimming.  The options are endless! (

How to stay fit during the 6 weeks holidays Motivate Bootcamp


Get your workout done early morning

The kids are off school so they will want that lie in probably just as much as you do but take that quiet time to get your workout done. Whether it be outdoors or a home workout to set you up for the day at least you can use this alone time without the kids shouting for your attention or trying to escape whilst you’re doing your downward dog. If you are struggling with fitness why not check our online personal training offers or ladies fitness retreats and bootcamp holidays.

How to stay fit during the 6 weeks holidays Motivate Bootcamp

Specialised Fitness Boot-camps for sports teams and clubs

Specialised Fitness Boot-camps for sports teams and clubs

Would your team benefit from a stay with us to kick-start their fitness ready for the season, to get them back in shape, to keep the fitness up, or to have a break away to re establish the focus?

Specialised Fitness Boot-camps for sports teams and clubs Motivate Bootcamp

We are now offering specialised bootcamps for sports teams and sports clubs, available to any sports. These can range from one-day fitness camps to 2/3/5/7 day residential bootcamp retreats, and are specifically catered for sports teams and clubs. It doesn’t matter what sport your team play, we can develop the bootcamp around you, they are also suitable for all ages/abilities. They can take place midweek or weekend, and at a location convenient for you – we have locations throughout the UK and also Portugal if you fancy some sun too!

Perfect for the pre-season kick-start to get your squad in shape for the forthcoming season, and it also works great as a morale boost for your players

What’s Included:

  • Accommodation (for residential) – we have a choice of venues including fantastic hotels with pool/spas
  • All meals/snacks throughout your stay
  • Sports specific fitness sessions, plus overall fitness sessions designed to kick start your players back into fitness or to keep them on top of their game
  • Healthy living workshops to give them advice on nutrition and healthy wellbeing
  • Post bootcamp support

Specialised Fitness Boot-camps for sports teams and clubs Motivate Bootcamp


One day bootcamps from only £69pp

Two day bootcamps from only £129pp

The Bootcamps do have to be organised in advance due to availability, so for a no obligation chat and to see how we can help your team please contact us on


Specialised Fitness Boot-camps for sports teams and clubs Motivate Bootcamp


Quick Tips For A Healthy Food Shop

Below are a few tips to help you too become better with nutrition:

Try and start to do a few of these and you will soon find a positive change in your nutritional habits



Plan your meals in advance (use a food diary) and make a shopping list, and stick to it! This will help to keep you on track as you won’t buy anything that you don’t need and anything that is on offer (which tends to be the sweet tempting things that are bad for you)


Whether this means a huge tub of Greek yogurt for the week or a big bag of quinoa, lentils, and almonds to last you a few months, your wallet will thank you.


If you go when its busy you are less likely to read what you are actually buying. Go when its quiet and use the time to compare a few items, you will be surprised at the different nutritional values of the same product but different brand


They can be deceiving but you need to know what you are eating!

  • Traffic light – aim for foods which are primarily green, avoid RED
  • Serving size – be careful here as what they suggest a serving size is will not be yours! Something that is 100 calories per serving may not be that good if you eat the whole thing and its serving size is 5 = 500 calories!
  • Ingredients list (see below)
  • Low fat/sugar/calories etc. – it is only lower than its original, other brands normal version may actually be better for you. It may have also just replaced with something else so cross check ingredients (most low fat products replace with sugar – if this is the case then buy the full one as you can burn fat off)


Nothing is more important than the ingredients that you put into your body. If you don’t know what most of the ingredients are or if it has lots, then don’t buy it! The less ingredients it has the better.


No – we are not talking about chips and frozen meals! Frozen vegetables can be just as nutritious as fresh vegetables since it can often take days between when the vegetables are harvested and when they end up on your plate. Frozen fruit such as strawberries are also a good option and cheaper than fresh too


Going food shopping when you are hungry is a bad combination. You will end up buying convenience food that is quick – which tend to be the bad choices. Instead, have a small snack before you go which will keep you going till you get home


All of the bad food – crisps, chocolate, biscuits, cakes etc are all on one isle, the best way to avoid buying these foods is to just AVOID it!


Try these quick tips and start to change your diet. If your still unsure and need a helping hand at changing your lifestyle then join us on one of our weekend bootcamp retreats in the UK or Fitness Holidays and we can help you transform your life for the better

Ever Fancied A Bootcamp Holiday?

Ever thought of going to a bootcamp abroad and having an amazing fitness holiday where you can feel rejuvenated?

Why not join us at our Portugal Bootcamp Retreat and have the holiday of a lifetime. Not only will you lose weight, increase fitness, and feel fantastic, but you will meet friends for life, and many of our bootcampers return year after year

We are not a military bootcamp, and we are not there to shout at you all week and bark instructions. We are there to motivate you, support you, and provide you with a varied range of fitness classes and workshops designed to help you to get back on track, or to push your fitness to the next level if you already participate in regular fitness. We cater for everyone and we have a compete variety of ages and abilities joining us, all with different goals and aims


Ever Fancied A Bootcamp Holiday? Motivate Bootcamp


We are also not just a bootcamp, as we appreciate that people also need a bit of time out, and its also a holiday too! This is why our day is broken up to give you the best of both worlds. In a typical day you can expect to have a wake up workout followed by breakfast, a healthy living workshop, and a programme of fitness sessions up until lunch time. The afternoon is then free time giving everyone the chance to relax, soak up the rays, or head out to explore the area. Come 5pm and its cooled down so it is the perfect chance to finish the day with a few more sessions. Evening is a chance for everyone for relax and enjoy the night. On the self-catering bootcamp we arrange optional BBQ nights, evenings out to local Portuguese restaurants and the beautiful Old Town, and on the All Inclusive bootcamp we have our chef who provides all the meals and we eat together at the venue.

The Algarve is a fabulous place and is a great place to be active too. We also offer additional excursions such as an afternoon out to Vilamoura, cycling tours, and paddleboarding/surfing, making your bootcamp experience with us a truly memorable one

All this from only £499pp – less than half the price of our competitors. We have spaces available for October and we just need £99 deposit to book this, spaces are limited so don’t delay! Book Now


Ever Fancied A Bootcamp Holiday? Motivate Bootcamp     Ever Fancied A Bootcamp Holiday? Motivate Bootcamp

Portugal bootcamp holiday

Portugal Bootcamp Holidays- are you tempted?


Have you ever thought about joining us on a bootcamp holiday at the No 1 Bootcamp?


It’s perfect for weight loss, improving fitness, and for the perfect kick-start in life – and Portugal is a beautiful country to visit too

Our 7 day bootcamp is based at our Luxurious retreat in Albufeira in the Algarve, and is a bootcamp holiday combined with a beach holiday. Not only do you take part in lots of fitness sessions and healthy workshops, you also have afternoons to relax around the pool or head into town – and in the evening why not join us for a BBQ or venture out into the old town with us for an evening meal overlooking the beach

Portugal Bootcamp Holidays- are you tempted? Motivate Bootcamp

Our Luxurious villa is perfect for our all inclusive and self catering retreats. Catering up to 12 people it’s perfect for an escape, combine that with a stunning swimming pool it makes for a great personalised bootcamp experience

Over the duration of your bootcamp you will have your fitness trainers at hand 24/7. Not only we do we take trainers with us from the UK, we also have a team over in Albufeira who join us for sessions too. On the All-inclusive or vegan retreats, we also take a chef to prepare the delicious meals or shakes for you

Our prices start from just £525 pp for a week self-catering or £799 for All inclusive. This is a lot cheaper than our rivals including Northern Bootcamp, No1 Bootcamp, and the Body Retreat. We offer exceptional value for the money as we run the bootcamps because we love doing them and we love our clients, not for just the money. You may be paying less but you are still getting everything the other bootcamp companies offer, plus more! We have also added an additional trip to Vilamoura and bodyboarding/surfing in our packages

If this sounds like something you would enjoy then you can BOOK NOW for just £199 deposit! Our spaces do go quickly so book as soon as you can. The balance is then due 8 weeks before your retreat, we can also offer an interest free payment plan if you would like to split up the payments

How to be healthy and stay fit over Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when everybody struggles to be healthy and continue their fitness journey, and 11 months of hard work can be wiped out in a few weeks! Don’t let this happen to you!

Follow the below tips to keep your body ticking over throughout the Christmas period, ready for the New Year

  • Don’t sit down everyday – try and do something active or the weight is soon going to start adding up – people can gain over a stone over the Christmas period, and it’s a lot harder to lose than it was to gain
  • Don’t drink too much – remember alcohol is empty calories. If you do drink, then remember to swap to the low calorie options if possible such as gin and slim line tonic. Mulled wine is nice but is pretty high in calories – click here
  • Don’t give up the gym – it’s the time of the year when you need to work out the most! Try to train regularly – if you struggle to make classes or gym then do 15 minute workouts a day at home, use hit/circuit sessions or YouTube videos to give you a few workout ideas
  • Don’t stress – Christmas is about having fun and enjoyment
  • Drink lots of water on a night out to keep you rehydrated and hopefully avoid the hangover in the morning. If you do have a hangover then get up and get out for some fresh air, the alcohol isn’t going to burn off and leave your system if you are in bed all day. Click here for more info
  • Get a workout buddy if you are struggling for motivation or make a pact with your class buddies that you will still keep going throughout Christmas. Many local fitness trainers and gyms also run Christmas bootcamps and challenges – sign up to one of these
  • Book an event for early 2018 to give you a goal to maintain – perfect for motivation and to keep you working out over the Christmas period. 5k runs are perfect for this – get others involved too. Even better – book a bootcamp weekend!
  • If you have an event which you know involves food and alcohol, plan a workout for that day and make it a pretty tough one – including HIT and weights! Not only will this make you feel great, but it will also increase your metabolism so you will burn the food/drink off more efficiently, and you won’t feel guilty because you have pre burned those additional calories – then enjoy your night
  • If you work in an office environment – avoid continuous snacking on Christmas junk food such as chocolates, cakes and biscuits. Instead limit yourself, or take in healthier options. The result – you won’t feel lethargic and tired all day at work, plus you won’t gain weight!
  • Get the family involved in fitness – active games such as dance, sports etc on the Xbox are a perfect way to keep the family entertained and active
  • Christmas Dinner – this is when everybody over indulges. Enjoy it but a few tips include don’t go back for seconds, eat at the dinner table so your body recognises you are eating (no tv), and eat slowly – it’s not a rush

How to be healthy and stay fit over Christmas Motivate Bootcamp

If you are looking to give your body an extra boost in the new year then why not book one of our Ladies Bootcamp Retreats in the UK or Portugal.

They start at just £139 for 2 days inclusive of accommodation, meals, fitness sessions/workshops, and aftercare support, and are a perfect way to rejuvenate your body to let you continue on your journey. They are suitable for all ages/abilities and ideal if you are looking to lose weight, inches, tone, or just want a healthy break. We also have our Fitness Holiday for those who want a bit of sun thrown in too!

How to be healthy and stay fit over Christmas Motivate Bootcamp

Book your New Year Bootcamp Now!

5 Easy ways to reduce calories and lose weight

5 Easy ways to reduce calories and lose weight


Reduce coffee/Increase water intake

Coffee contains 60 – 150 calories per cup – change to water or herbal teas to reduce this. If you do have coffee, then don’t add any sugar to it as this is more extra calories too – To see the calories click here


Reduce portion sizes

Load plate with veg and salad to fill it up

Use smaller plates/childs plates/side plates

Don’t go back for more food once finished (tub it up and have it for the next day or freeze it)

Don’t pick at food while cooking

Use cereal bowls for pasta/chilli

Measure out servings

Check serving size on food labels and stick to these

Avoid all you can eat places and carvery as this will cut out temptation


Cut out bad carbs

White pasta, rice, bread, fruit juice, cake, sugars, biscuits – they all have a high GI which we don’t want – instead opt for low GI foods – For examples click here


Reduce or cut out sauces and spreads

Mayonnaise, tomato sauce, sauces, and dressings can add up to 100 calories per serving – put them on the side if needed and don’t have butter/margarine


Cut out alcohol or change it

Use clear spirits and low calories mixers rather than wine, lager, cider which all have a lot of calories and can equal your daily calorie allowance if you have a few in the evening – To check calories click here

Portugal Bootcamp 2018

We are pleased to announce that we will be adding an All Inclusive Bootcamp to our already popular Self -Catering Bootcamp Retreat next year in Portugal!


The set up of the week will be the same in terms of fitness sessions and healthy workshops, with the main differences being the venue and the All Inclusive option


The Venue

With the self catering bootcamp taking place in a set of apartments, which is perfectly suited to this type of bootcamp as each apartment has its own kitchen, we needed to change this to suit the needs of the new bootcamp. We have decided that a luxury villa in Albufeira is the perfect venue, with exceptional lounge rooms and bedrooms accommodating both twin and single supplemency. It also has a fantastic dining area both inside and outside where we will be eating together, and stunning gardens and a swimming pool. It really is the place where you can switch off, focus on yourself, and have a fantastic week away from everything


All Inclusive

We will be taking our Chef over from the UK – and they will be responsible for creating all of the meals/snacks ready for everybody at set times throughout the day. This will enable all the meals are fresh and healthy, and created to help you achieve your goals. Our Chef has over 15 years experience in the UK and is also involved with healthy eating campaigns too, which makes him a perfect fit for the bootcamp.


There are limited spaces as we are keeping the numbers to approximately 10 people – so Book Now for only £99 deposit to avoid losing out on a place!


Portugal Bootcamp 2018 Motivate Bootcamp

Bootcamp Kit List

Bootcamp Kit List


Packing for your Bootcamp can be a bit of a nightmare and it depends on a number of things, especially the weather and the type of Bootcamp you are going too. I guarantee that your kit list will be different if you were going to Portugal or Spain in May than if you were going to Manchester in December. Most companies will provide you with a general kit list, but to help you along (and for our boot camps too) then here is a typical guideline


The essential kit list for any Bootcamp:

  • A decent pair of trainers – make sure these have been worn in (I tend to get mine from Sports Direct – you don’t need to spend a fortune)
  • Gym kit – plan for both inside and outside and be sure to pack a few t shirts, shorts, jogging bottoms, and sweatshirt/hooded top
  • Loungewear for the evening
  • Smart wear for the evening if you are planning on eating out
  • Underwear and socks
  • Toiletries
  • Hairdryer
  • Medications
  • Water Bottle/hydration bag
  • Rucksack (most boot camps tend to do a walk)
  • Blister packs
  • Hiking boots (check to see if a walk is included – on our Mount Snowdon and Scafell Pike walk these are essential)
  • Jacket (light waterproof would be ideal)
  • Gloves/hat in winter
  • Swimsuit (Bootcamp retreats that have pool/spa access – like our Manchester)


Additional Kit for Bootcamp’s in Europe (may also need for UK if we have a heat wave)


  • Swimsuit/beach towel
  • Sun cream (high factor – I use factor 50, exercising with sunburn is not pleasant)
  • Sports Sunglasses and cap
  • Flip flops



Leicestershire Bootcamp

Due to demand we have added another venue for our Bootcamp Weekends near Leicester!


Our newest venue is at Bosworth Hotel and Spa in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire


It is located in 11 acres of landscaped gardens and is in  a perfect location and easily accessible from all local towns and cities. There are a choice of Private or Twin rooms, and all your meals/snacks are included in your stay (including evening meal and breakfast being served in the restaurant). There is a also a pool/spa which you are welcome to use for the duration of your stay at no extra cost

There are also many things to do near the area, so why not check them out after your bootcamp – or you are welcome to stay the night before and spend the Friday exploring the local area. The magnificent Warwick Castle is very close at hand, as well as Twycross Zoo, Donnington Park Racing Circuit and The Snow Dome.  The beautiful historic village of Market Bosworth which is famous for its flower display is only a short stroll from the hotel and has a range of fantastic galleries and antique shops too.

Book now and join us on our newest bootcamp venue in Leicestershire and give your body and lifestyle the perfect kick-start! if you are further North then why not check out our Manchester Bootcamp and Hartington Bootcamp, alternatively if you prefer even further south then our Cornwall Bootcamp will be perfect for you.

Leicestershire Bootcamp Motivate Bootcamp

Remember our bootcamps are not just for Weightloss. We have ladies coming to us for many different reasons including fitness, healthy weekend, or just a social gathering with friends. Our Fitness and Weightloss Retreats are a fantastic experience that you are sure to love