ladies boot camp

Fitness & Weight Loss Bootcamps in Leeds & Yorkshire

An active weekend fitness break designed for women

In the city of Leeds, if you are dedicated to your own personal health and wellbeing it is important to know the best sites and/or activities that can benefit you on your fitness journey.

Ladies Bootcamps are the perfect kickstart to begin living a healthy lifestyle and giving you the perfect kickstart with your health and fitness goals

Fitness bootcamps in Leeds and Yorkshire Motivate Bootcamp

Motivate Bootcamp

Established in 2013, Motivate Bootcamp’s UK fitness events provide a fantastic 2-3 weekend retreat for women. The Yorkshire based bootcamp takes place at the Holiday Inn Leeds Brighouse, and it provides all the necessary facilities such as pool, spa, steam room, sauna, restaurant/dining areas with tailored chefs. This boot camp is ladies only and suitable for all ages and abilities. (There are also a number of other boot camp weekends throughout the country, plus a 7 night Portugal fitness retreat)


Leeds Fit

Established in 2020, Leeds fit is an outdoor bootcamp for anyone and everyone. Providing a variation of different classes such as classic bootcamp, circuit training and a running class. Hosted by another fantastic, experienced instructor Leeds fit bootcamp is a fitness class you must consider attending whilst in Leeds if you are looking for a brilliant way to get a workout in.


UK Outdoor Fitness Group

A fitness bootcamp based in Leeds, hosted in a variation of locations around the city, this bootcamp has also specialised in committing anyone in the bootcamp who would like to join, to tough obstacle courses such as Total warrior and Yorkshire mud run. These fantastic opportunities help mould your mindset into dedication for improvement on your overall fitness.


Leeds Fitter Bodies   

A fitness bootcamp based in Leeds, hosted in a variation of locations around the city, this bootcamp provides a one of a kind experience which helps you develop, maintain and reap the benefits of great knowledge that will allow you to embark on your fitness journey as you please. With several benefits and help from the instructors such as goal evaluation and dietary guidance, this bootcamp is one you cannot miss.


Trail Blazer Fitness 

An affordable, all ages friendly bootcamp that still offers all the necessary knowledge to help you find your best self. With many different locations hosted around the city this bootcamp is flexible for anyone in Leeds to come along, classes running from 7 days a week with amazing instructors with a large portfolio of success stories, this bootcamp speaks for itself.


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