How to keep fit this Christmas

December is the time of year for parties, over indulging, and relaxing. The problem with this is that it can put a strain on the body, and actually make you feel worse – plus you have a huge mountain to then climb in January to get back on track! Try these simple tips to get you through it 🙂



Increase your fluid intake. With lots parties and xmas drinks, this will certainly help your recovery! When you are drinking alcohol, try to have water in between drinks, this will keep you hydrated and potentially avoid the hangover. Remember some drinks do have more calories than others, so opt for the low calorie option. More information on Alcohol CLICK HERE

How to keep fit this Christmas Motivate Bootcamp

Portion Control

We know it’s the time of the year where everybody over indulges, but try and not go too much overboard. Try to stick to your normal meal plan, and avoid second helpings and picking at food (you can have the leftovers the next day, even meal prep for later on in the week to save more cooking). Consuming too much food will also lead to tiredness, bloating and not sleeping well for most people, which may stop you from enjoying xmas as much as you would like

How to keep fit this Christmas Motivate Bootcamp


Try and keep your training as regular as you can. This is perhaps the time of year when you need it most, and by keeping up with your training its an easy way to avoid the common New Year kickstart too-  as you wont be reversing all of the good work you have put in over the past 11 months. Another benefit of the training is you can also eat guilt free – you earned it! Mix your training up too, a combination of cardio, weights, and stretch is perfect, or try a new class to change things up a bit

How to keep fit this Christmas Motivate Bootcamp

Train with a friend or family

Training with somebody else makes things more motivating, and you can encourage each other. Maybe grab a work friend or member of family too. Exercise doesn’t have to be restricted to the gym either, head out for a brisk with friends/family, make it something everyone can enjoy together (maybe stop off for a xmas drink on the way)

How to keep fit this Christmas Motivate Bootcamp

Enjoy it 

You worked hard all year so you deserve to let your hair down and have a few naughty bits – everything in moderation, and be ready to set some 2020 Goals

How to keep fit this Christmas Motivate Bootcamp


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