New Year Fitness Tips


New Year Fitness Tips



Check out our top tips for changing your lifestyle in 2020


Make fitness a priority

Make health and fitness your priority and achieve real results. If you want to make changes, then you are going have to commit. Schedule a fitness session into your diary just as you would an appointment at the doctors and dentist, it’s just as important, maybe even more so, with all the physical and mental wellbeing benefits that comes with it


Keep your goals short and specific

Setting long term goals can be an ultimate aim, for example lose 2 stone in 12 months. However, short term it is easier to set smaller more realistic goals, it helps with the mindset and the motivation. 2 stone over 12 months is less than 1lb a week which is easily achievable, and hitting a weekly target will keep your motivation levels high. Goal setting is something we use with our boot campers, if you would like a goal setting worksheet then just CONTACT US and we will happily email you a copy


Get fit with a friend

Gym buddies are the perfect way to keep up your motivation. Not only do you get to see your friends and socialise, but you are also getting a sweat on and getting healthy. We know this is a big factor, which is why we do our ladies only group fitness retreats. Having a fitness family is a fantastic way to keep going with your long-term goals. If you haven’t got any friends who would like to work out, then not to worry – becoming a regular at fitness classes in the gym and community will soon lead to a new circle of friends


Variety is key

One of the main reasons people quit fitness and healthy eating is the boredom, and repetitiveness, but It doesn’t have to be like this. Most gyms tend to have approx. 50 different classes throughout the week, so mix it up and give them a try. Ideally every 8-12 weeks you should be changing your routine. Don’t be scared to give different classes a go either, most people (at this time of year especially) are new to the fitness classes. If you are struggling, then why not join a group of like-minded ladies at one of our boot camp retreats and we can help you to start the process. We offer the New Year Kickstart Camps in Manchester, Buxton, and Hinckley in Leicestershire

Meal planning doesn’t have to be boring either, there are so many recipes available, so try being creative and changing things weekly to keep it interesting. Download our free ebook for some great recipes (CLICK HERE)


Track your progress

People are motivated by results, whether its weight loss, inches, dress size, compliments, running times etc – so why not track it and you can check that you are on track. There are many apps for this now, or you can just go back to basic and write it down. Being on track will give you the motivation to continue your journey. Take before and after photos too, which will be perfect for visual results. We receive great results after just 7 nights at our Portugal Fitness & Wellbeing Holidays, imagine what results you could get if you stuck to a programme for 6 months, and tracked it all the way


For more information on our Boot Camp Weekends and Fitness Holidays – CLICK HERE


New Year Fitness Tips Motivate Bootcamp

How to keep fit this Christmas

How to keep fit this Christmas

December is the time of year for parties, over indulging, and relaxing. The problem with this is that it can put a strain on the body, and actually make you feel worse – plus you have a huge mountain to then climb in January to get back on track! Try these simple tips to get you through it 🙂



Increase your fluid intake. With lots parties and xmas drinks, this will certainly help your recovery! When you are drinking alcohol, try to have water in between drinks, this will keep you hydrated and potentially avoid the hangover. Remember some drinks do have more calories than others, so opt for the low calorie option. More information on Alcohol CLICK HERE

How to keep fit this Christmas Motivate Bootcamp

Portion Control

We know it’s the time of the year where everybody over indulges, but try and not go too much overboard. Try to stick to your normal meal plan, and avoid second helpings and picking at food (you can have the leftovers the next day, even meal prep for later on in the week to save more cooking). Consuming too much food will also lead to tiredness, bloating and not sleeping well for most people, which may stop you from enjoying xmas as much as you would like

How to keep fit this Christmas Motivate Bootcamp


Try and keep your training as regular as you can. This is perhaps the time of year when you need it most, and by keeping up with your training its an easy way to avoid the common New Year kickstart too-  as you wont be reversing all of the good work you have put in over the past 11 months. Another benefit of the training is you can also eat guilt free – you earned it! Mix your training up too, a combination of cardio, weights, and stretch is perfect, or try a new class to change things up a bit

How to keep fit this Christmas Motivate Bootcamp

Train with a friend or family

Training with somebody else makes things more motivating, and you can encourage each other. Maybe grab a work friend or member of family too. Exercise doesn’t have to be restricted to the gym either, head out for a brisk with friends/family, make it something everyone can enjoy together (maybe stop off for a xmas drink on the way)

How to keep fit this Christmas Motivate Bootcamp

Enjoy it 

You worked hard all year so you deserve to let your hair down and have a few naughty bits – everything in moderation, and be ready to set some 2020 Goals

How to keep fit this Christmas Motivate Bootcamp


If you do need a kickstart in January then why not check out our Bootcamp Weekends in Manchester, Buxton and Hinckley.  Our retreats are not just for weightloss, they are for everyone. Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase fitness, or have a challenge coming up, come join us and let us help you to reach your goals.


Do you like the sun too? Then check out our Portugal Fitness Holidays and make it a holiday in the sun


portugal bootcamp

Bespoke Bootcamp for PT’s & Health Clubs

Are you a Personal Trainer, Health Club, or Class Instructor? who would love to run a retreat for your own clients?

Why not let us arrange a bootcamp for you? We take all of the hassle out of organising a trip like this which allows you to focus on what you do best – helping your clients to achieve the best results!

Why offer your clients a Portugal Bootcamp?

  • Fantastic income for yourselves
  • Additional service which will put you ahead of the competition when attracting clients
  • Increased retention rates
  • Great for client rapport, team building and RESULTS!
  • Increased referrals once your clients tell friends/family about their experience
  • A break away from everyday life for your clients to focus on their goals
  • Regular yearly event will boost your branding and awareness


Bespoke Bootcamp for PT's & Health Clubs Motivate Bootcamp

What Bootcamp Packages do we offer?

We have a number of different bootcamp packages available including self-catering and All Inclusive. All of our options can also be adapted to make it bespoke for your business. Why not check them both out then ask your clients what they prefer.

We are now taking bookings for 2020 as the dates so fill up fast

Whats Included:

  • Luxury private villa in Albufeira,  Algarve (CLICK HERE)
  • Return private airport transfers from Faro airport
  • Variety of fitness equipment (CLICK HERE)
  • Pre bootcamp Support (flights/schedule/meal plans/activities/additional instructors)
  • Assistance throughout your stay


  • Fitness trainers to teach a variety of classes inc Yoga, Pilates, Combat, Zumba, Aqua, Strong by Zumba, Boxing, Core, Meditation
  • Sports Masseuse who can come in to the villa throughout the week to offer sports massage
  • Chef to provide meals if you require an All Inclusive Bootcamp
  • Activities such as boat trips, paddle-boarding, surfing


Bespoke Bootcamp for PT's & Health Clubs Motivate Bootcamp


For more information and a brochure please CONTACT US

Vegan bootcamp

Vegan Fitness Bootcamp – Portugal 2020

We will soon be announcing our 7 night Portugal Bootcamp which is exclusively Vegan!


Join us at out luxury villa in the Algarve for an All Inclusive ladies only week of fitness, relaxation, and amazing raw food produced by our fantastic vegan chef

Your 7 night stay will include;

  • Luxury villa accommodation with private pool
  • Variety of fitness sessions throughout the week (all optional)
  • Healthy living workshops on exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle
  • All meals provided by our in house chef
  • Lots of time to enjoy the local area (each afternoon is free time)
  • 24/7 support by our experienced fitness and lifestyle team
  • Post bootcamp support

*Suitable for all ages and abilities

Date to be announced but please contact us to be the first to know – as there will be limited places!


Vegan Fitness Bootcamp - Portugal 2020 Motivate Bootcamp

wales bootcamp

10 Ways to Be Body Confident

10 Ways to Be Body Confident

When it comes to our bodies, then some of us are a lot more confident than others. Some of us really struggle with how we feel about our bodies never really being happy at all. But here are some top tips to help you start to overcome those feelings and be happy with the body we have.

10 Ways to Be Body Confident Motivate Bootcamp


  1. Change Your Focus

People who exercise regularly feel better about themselves regardless as to whether they lose weight or not. But you need to frame your trip to ladies’ boot-camp in the right way. It shouldn’t be ‘If I don’t go to the fitness boot-camp I will always be fat and ugly’ instead you need to look at just enjoying the women’s fitness session.


  1. Show Your Body Some Gratitude

Instead of focusing on the negative like ‘I hate my thighs’ think about what your thighs allow you to do that you wouldn’t be able to if they weren’t like that. Something positive can always be found.


  1. Don’t Get Caught Up in Competitive Self-Criticism 

More than two-thirds of women blame their lack of body-confidence on other women’s poor self-image. When friends criticise their own bodies don’t try and one up them, instead pay them a compliment. Also don’t think because all of your friends are off doing weight-loss boot-camps that you have to as well.


  1. Give Yourself a Break

More often than not it is your own inner voice that is dragging you down. Experts say that if you wouldn’t say it to your mother, sister, best-friend, ten-year-old self then you shouldn’t say it at all. It’s not always that easy. It has also been suggested giving that voice a name and then you can respond by saying ‘Shut up Jo, you are not welcome here’


  1. Think Positively

Write down three things you like about your face or body and put them on post-it’s around your mirror. Or keep a compliments jar where you write down any compliments someone gives you.


  1. Meditate

Meditation can great help with allowing you to accept negative thoughts. It will allow you to process that these are just thoughts and not facts. You will also notice more what is going on inside your body which will help with the outside.


  1. Pamper Yourself

Whilst you might not like your body, if you treat it right, it will return the compliment and treat you well. Something as simple as a spot of perfume can make you feel more positive about your body. Treat yourself to a massage as this has been shown to do wonder for body confidence. Why not take a fitness holiday and really enjoy yourself, maybe a boot-camp abroad will make you feel amazing again?


  1. Change Your Wardrobe

You might want to just hide yourself in baggy black clothing, but you will find that if you switch to something that fits you well and makes you look good, you will feel much better about yourself.


  1. Stand Up Straight

One of the quickest ways to boost your body confidence is to stand or up straight. This will make you appear taller, slimmer and more confident.


  1. Keep Everything in Perspective

Watch out for the motive that is behind the messages that you are getting. Marketing and Advertising are designed to create a need and then sell you the product to fill that need. You need to understand that body confidence doesn’t come from your figure, but from your thoughts. Learn this and you are half way there.


If you would like to take a break and some time out to focus on yourself then why not check out our bootcamp retreats. They range from 2 Day UK Weekends to 7 night Portugal Fitness Holidays


10 Ways to Be Body Confident Motivate Bootcamp