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Vegan Fitness Bootcamp – Portugal 2020

We will soon be announcing our 7 night Portugal Bootcamp which is exclusively Vegan!


Join us at out luxury villa in the Algarve for an All Inclusive ladies only week of fitness, relaxation, and amazing raw food produced by our fantastic vegan chef

Your 7 night stay will include;

  • Luxury villa accommodation with private pool
  • Variety of fitness sessions throughout the week (all optional)
  • Healthy living workshops on exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle
  • All meals provided by our in house chef
  • Lots of time to enjoy the local area (each afternoon is free time)
  • 24/7 support by our experienced fitness and lifestyle team
  • Post bootcamp support

*Suitable for all ages and abilities

Date to be announced but please contact us to be the first to know – as there will be limited places!


Vegan Fitness Bootcamp - Portugal 2020 Motivate Bootcamp

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10 Ways to Be Body Confident

10 Ways to Be Body Confident

When it comes to our bodies, then some of us are a lot more confident than others. Some of us really struggle with how we feel about our bodies never really being happy at all. But here are some top tips to help you start to overcome those feelings and be happy with the body we have.

10 Ways to Be Body Confident Motivate Bootcamp


  1. Change Your Focus

People who exercise regularly feel better about themselves regardless as to whether they lose weight or not. But you need to frame your trip to ladies’ boot-camp in the right way. It shouldn’t be ‘If I don’t go to the fitness boot-camp I will always be fat and ugly’ instead you need to look at just enjoying the women’s fitness session.


  1. Show Your Body Some Gratitude

Instead of focusing on the negative like ‘I hate my thighs’ think about what your thighs allow you to do that you wouldn’t be able to if they weren’t like that. Something positive can always be found.


  1. Don’t Get Caught Up in Competitive Self-Criticism 

More than two-thirds of women blame their lack of body-confidence on other women’s poor self-image. When friends criticise their own bodies don’t try and one up them, instead pay them a compliment. Also don’t think because all of your friends are off doing weight-loss boot-camps that you have to as well.


  1. Give Yourself a Break

More often than not it is your own inner voice that is dragging you down. Experts say that if you wouldn’t say it to your mother, sister, best-friend, ten-year-old self then you shouldn’t say it at all. It’s not always that easy. It has also been suggested giving that voice a name and then you can respond by saying ‘Shut up Jo, you are not welcome here’


  1. Think Positively

Write down three things you like about your face or body and put them on post-it’s around your mirror. Or keep a compliments jar where you write down any compliments someone gives you.


  1. Meditate

Meditation can great help with allowing you to accept negative thoughts. It will allow you to process that these are just thoughts and not facts. You will also notice more what is going on inside your body which will help with the outside.


  1. Pamper Yourself

Whilst you might not like your body, if you treat it right, it will return the compliment and treat you well. Something as simple as a spot of perfume can make you feel more positive about your body. Treat yourself to a massage as this has been shown to do wonder for body confidence. Why not take a fitness holiday and really enjoy yourself, maybe a boot-camp abroad will make you feel amazing again?


  1. Change Your Wardrobe

You might want to just hide yourself in baggy black clothing, but you will find that if you switch to something that fits you well and makes you look good, you will feel much better about yourself.


  1. Stand Up Straight

One of the quickest ways to boost your body confidence is to stand or up straight. This will make you appear taller, slimmer and more confident.


  1. Keep Everything in Perspective

Watch out for the motive that is behind the messages that you are getting. Marketing and Advertising are designed to create a need and then sell you the product to fill that need. You need to understand that body confidence doesn’t come from your figure, but from your thoughts. Learn this and you are half way there.


If you would like to take a break and some time out to focus on yourself then why not check out our bootcamp retreats. They range from 2 Day UK Weekends to 7 night Portugal Fitness Holidays


10 Ways to Be Body Confident Motivate Bootcamp

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What exactly is a Low Carb Diet?

A low-carb diet is a diet that restricts carbohydrates, but is high in Protein, fat, and vegetables – there are different variations to the diet and different extremes, but the principles are all pretty similar, and many results do prove that they can cause weight loss and improved health

What exactly is a Low Carb Diet? Motivate Bootcamp

How do they work in simple terms?

  1. The main source of energy in the body is carbohydrates
  2. Due to the lack of carbohydrates, insulin is reduced
  3. This causes the body to burn stored fat as a source of energy
  4. Your fat stores are now your primary source of fuel, hence the weight loss
  5. If carbs are dropped too low then a process called Ketosis may occur

What exactly is a Low Carb Diet? Motivate Bootcamp

Typical foods to avoid include:

Bread, Pasta, Rice, Cakes, Sweets, Fizzy pop, Alcohol, Potatoes Fruit (keep it minimal)

One thing you may notice is a lot of these foods are high sugar foods (refined carbs). This can only be a positive thing as your blood sugar levels are now being stabilised once you cut these out. Avoiding processed food is key, and is something we do ourselves on our All Inclusive Retreats

The idea is to eat mainly lean protein and natural fats:

Lean meats, Eggs, Vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, peppers are perfect), Natural Fat (butter, olive oil, greek yoghurt) – avoid low fat alternatives, Fish, Nuts and seeds, Lots of water


What exactly is a Low Carb Diet? Motivate Bootcamp


Here is a few low carb ideas to start you off:


Eggs and vegetables,  Bacon and eggs, Eggs and spinach/yoghurt – CLICK HERE for more recipes


Spicy salmon and chickpea salad, Steak salad with goats cheese and mushrooms, Chicken and avocado salad – CLICK HERE for more recipes


Thai lettuce turkey wraps, Salmon & Asparagus, Garlic chicken with zucchini – CLICK HERE for more recipes


Many people achieve weight loss on this type of diet, but you do need to bear in mind that it may not be sustainable long term. If you would like any help with nutrition then why not join us on one of our Fitness and Weight loss camps in the UK or Europe. We run specialised nutrition workshops and offer post bootcamp support for those who require it. We also work with a Clinical Dietitian who can provide bespoke diet and meal plans for you – Contact Us if this is something you would like more information on

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Download My Free Ebook – 21 Everyday Recipes – Motivate Bootcamp

Download My Free Ebook – 21 Everyday Recipes

Welcome to Motivate Bootcamp – the UK and Europes Number One Residential Bootcamp Retreat company, offering Weekend Retreats in the UK and 7 night Fitness Holidays in Portugal

Download My Free Ebook - 21 Everyday Recipes - Motivate Bootcamp Motivate Bootcamp

Click the link to download your free ebook with lots of everyday recipes

Motivate Bootcamp-21-Recipe-Book


Interested in one of our bootcamps? CLICK HERE for a full list of dates and prices


Remember the Special Offer!

Only £50 deposit to reserve your place on a Weekend Boot Camp

Only £99 deposit to reserve your place on a Portugal Retreat

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Why should you join a Bootcamp Abroad?

Why should you join a Bootcamp Abroad?

There are many fitness bootcamp options available, with many fitness companies offering residential bootcamps ranging from one night to 7 night stays. Many of these are available in the UK but have you ever thought about heading abroad for your luxury bootcamp holiday?

Why should you join a Bootcamp Abroad? Motivate Bootcamp

A Bootcamp may be about results for a lot of people, whether its weight loss or fitness related, but there are many other reasons why you should head abroad for your fitness camp.

Why should you join a Bootcamp Abroad? Motivate Bootcamp

  • The weather is major bonus, as most fitness retreats take place in sunny climates such as Portugal and Spain. It’s one of the main reasons we run our 7 DAY LADIES FITNESS HOLIDAY in the Algarve, Portugal. When the sun is out at 7am its a great reason to wake up and start the day, plus who doesn’t love an afternoon of relaxation sunbathing by the pool or the beach, plus you get a tan!

Why should you join a Bootcamp Abroad? Motivate Bootcamp

  • Experiencing different places is part of the experience. During your free time why not head off to the local town, marina, or take a boat trip around the coastal cliffs. Chat to the locals and immerse yourself in a different way of life. We like to take our clients paddle boarding, horse riding, and coastal walks to give them a chance to explore the local area. On our SELF-CATERING BOOTCAMP we also experience local restaurants and fabulous cuisine most evenings

Why should you join a Bootcamp Abroad? Motivate Bootcamp

  • You feel good! Let’s be honest – who doesn’t feel good when they step off a plane and arrive at a luxury villa with private pool? Whether its for a holiday or a bootcamp, Its a perfect positive start to your week, and being in a great mood will have great psychological benefits

Why should you join a Bootcamp Abroad? Motivate Bootcamp

  • Food – ok so we all love nice food, but doesn’t it taste better when the ingredients are fresh, fish is straight from the ocean, and you get all of your meals cooked by your own personal chef? ALL INCLUSIVE RETREATS are perfect for those who want everything taken care of for them. You receive 3 delicious meals per day, snacks, plus the attention of your very own chef who can personalise your meals too. They may be a little more expensive than the self catering bootcamps, but imagine paying a chef and buying all the ingredients yourself? It would certainly work out at more than the additional £300 per week, so definitely worth it. All dietary requirements can be catered for too.

Why should you join a Bootcamp Abroad? Motivate Bootcamp

  • It’s not as expensive as you may think. There are lots of bootcamp holidays that cost around £1200 – £1500 which is the average rate, but did you know you can book one for as low as £499, whilst still receiving the same first class treatment? Check out some REVIEWS if you don’t believe us 🙂

Why should you join a Bootcamp Abroad? Motivate Bootcamp

So what are you waiting for?

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