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We have our own philosophy that each bootcamp is based on the perfect combination of exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition to give you the kick-start and healthy lifestyle that you are looking for.

Many fitness & weight loss bootcamps just focus on just exercise and fail to give people the full package, which means that shortly after leaving people, they fall back into bad habits. The majority of bootcamps are made up of ex-military instructors who just shout at people and you find yourself hating exercise.

We aim to make it fun and to give you the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also give you the follow on advice to give us the chance to help you settle back into normal life and maintain your new lifestyle

  • Three day retreats start at 4PM on the Friday and finishes at 12:30PM on the Sunday.
  • Two day retreats start at 9AM on the Saturday and finishes at 1PM on the Sunday.
  • One day retreats start at 9AM on the Saturday and finishes at 5PM.

No, we take people of all ages, sizes and abilities as all of our trainers are experienced and will adjust their sessions, which allows you to steadily progress at your individual fitness levels. The group may also be split at times to allow you to work at an intensity appropriate to you.

Absolutely not! We’re not a military styled bootcamp where the instructor just shouts instructions. We make the days fun and guide you through the classes so you will enjoy them, although we will be strict and motivating to help you to push yourself further.

Absolutely! We all become one big family and it is a great social event too. You’ll make friends for life.

Not at all. Even though we will be exercising more than your body may be accustomed to, we will be consuming energy every 2-3 hours through meals and snacks.

No worries, we cater for all dietary requirements. Just let us know at the time of booking and we’ll be sure to look after your requirements.

On average people do lose a few pounds/inches but it’s how you carry on with it after Bootcamp that will continue this, which is where our after-care support and motivation helps. On our Portugal Bootcamp you will lose a lot more, average weight loss is between 5lbs and 1st

We have exclusive indoor areas which can we do all sessions in, although we do try to make use of the outdoors as much as possible.

Yes – our specialist masseurs offer sports and relaxation massages, they are on the Saturday night and are just £20 for a ½hour session.

When you book, we will provide you with a full kit list of items to bring on the course.

Yes – when booking just let us know who you’re sharing with and I will make sure you are in the same room.

You will receive a full pack list with additional information, including what to bring in preparation for your weekend. You will also receive lifestyle forms which will need to be sent back to us as soon as possible.