Great Bootcamp For Motivation
2nd August 2018

My second Bootcamp weekend in 5 weeks, Steve is a great Trainer, motivating without needing to shout. It’s incredibly hard work, but so worth it! Whether you are looking to kick start yourself back into exercise, trying to give yourself a pre holiday boost, or on a long term journey, these boot camps are a great way to help you reach your goals. The first time I went on my own, this time I went with one of the lovely ladies I met last time! Don’t be scared about going by yourself, you will meet a great bunch of ladies, and don’t be worried about being judged, everyone is different ages, abilities, sizes, but all there for the same thing! Just get off your backside and book one, you won’t regret it! (I’ve got another 2 to look forward to this year)

Absolutely Loved It
2nd August 2018

Absolutely loved it! The trainers were brilliant and supportive, didn’t expect a bootcamp to be so much fun! They catered for every ability and I loved the range activities. Would definitely recommend, I feel so motivated and positive.

My First Bootcamp
2nd August 2018

Don’t know what I was expecting but certainly not what it turned out to be. I suppose Bootcamp conjures up images of somebody shouting at you and making you do exercises that perhaps you are struggling to do. Could not be further from the truth. Steve was lovely, helpful and didn’t pressurise anybody into doing anything . I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and the best recommendation I can make is I would do it again.

Cannot Believe I Haven’t Done This Before
2nd August 2018

Cannot believe I haven't done this before I haven't felt this good in years
Excellent classes excellent company and brilliantly run by Steve
It won't be my last boot camp I hope. All the fellow boot campers are great too and we support each other.

Enjoyed Every Minute
2nd August 2018

Fantastic, really enjoyed every minute, not at all what I expected and all levels catered for and modifications on every exercise to cater for any injuries which was a concern of mine as I have back problems. Steve is an excellent instructor with the right balance of drive and support. Highly recommended

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