Juice Retreat

Juice Retreat Motivate BootcampHave you heard about the benefits of a juice retreat offered by Motivate Bootcamp? A juice detox is an excellent way to remove toxins from your body without the use of harmful medicines. Take part in our juice retreat and give your digestive system a break. It gives your digestive system the little break it needs to recharge. This in turn facilitates the improvement of intestinal health and digestive processes. Our juice retreat is a 7 day period to rejuvenate both your body and mind. Situated in the stunning Algarve, it is an ideal retreat to give yourself – both mind and body – the kick start it needs towards wellness and well-being.

Fresh juicing and a variety of workout and relaxation sessions at our juice retreat are designed to make you feel great! You can expect to lose inches while you are at our juice retreat – a sure fire way to boost your self-confidence. As you will be taking part in both relaxation and workout sessions, you will also be giving your body the chance to up your fitness levels. The juice retreat is exclusively for ladies, so when you join us, you will be joining like-minded women, all looking to change their life for the better. Another bonus is that you will get the chance for a little ‘me time’, something we tend to neglect in our busy lives.

Our juice retreat offers fantastic benefits. Not only will you leave with a trimmer waistline, you will also have the benefit of one on one lifestyle chats with an experienced trainer. Also on offer are a variety of fitness and yoga/relaxation sessions. If you are interested in our juice retreat and would like more information, contact Motivate Bootcamp. Over the course of the retreat you will receive 5 fresh juices per day, all made by our fantastic chef and with the ingredients sourced locally. Our goal is when that you leave, you won’t only be feeling and looking great – with a smaller waistline to show, but to also have a new plan and be ready for your new healthy lifestyle. Why wait? Join us at our juice retreat for a new you.