Ladies Bootcamp in Liverpool

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Motivate Bootcamp is our ladies bootcamp in Liverpool.

You may visualise long runs through rough terrain; your only accessories wrist and ankle weights; hanging by one leg from strategically placed climbing walls; trainers screaming how fat and slow you are; celery sticks for dinner. You could not be more wrong! Who pays money for help from such unrealistic organisations? Bootcamp prepares you with the fundamentals to succeed by focusing your attention on your health and blocking out distractions. At Motivate Bootcamp, our goal is to prepare our clients to live a healthy lifestyle based on sensible eating habits and exercise that is fun. Our war is with the temptations of modern eating habits and the damage caused by poor lifestyle choices to our weight and health.

There is no hardship to be endured by our Motivate Bootcamp clients. Actually, for those living in Liverpool, ladies bootcamp is offered at four locations within two hours of the city. There is the Peak District for those who prefer the atmosphere of a 17th-century manor house for self-focus. For opportunities to convene with Nature, consider our boot camp in Snowdonia or Derbyshire. If you prefer an urban scene The Britannia Country House Hotel & Spa in Manchester is for you. All offer a small group setting with comfortable accommodations and fresh local food. All fitness levels are invited and all will benefit from our tailored programme designed especially to increase your fitness level and decrease your weight.

Remember, the purpose of ladies bootcamp in Liverpool  is to isolate, motivate, train, practice and send you home armed with the knowledge and skills to succeed. Therefore, follow-up is critical. Your group can keep in touch with each other and your trainers on social media. Sharing trials, errors, recipes and new ideas will strengthen your resolution. Contact Motivate Bootcamp when you are ready to take charge of your health and dedicate your focus on arming yourself with the tools of success. You can expect to lose some weight, get fit and make new friends within what could be a lifelong support keeping each other on track. You can win this war.