Ladies Bootcamp in Manchester

Ladies Bootcamp in Manchester Motivate BootcampSometimes in life we need to click our reset button and a ladies bootcamp in Manchester is a perfect reset point. Our Motivate Bootcamps are highly regarded weightloss and fitness residential retreats for ladies only. Our staff of directors and instructors are professionals in the many areas targeted at our bootcamp, including relaxation, nutrition and exercise. We have six venues around the country to bring our program of lifestyle change to as many women as possible. We present an opportunity to reset your focus on your own health and fitness. During your weekend with us and even after you return home, we will cheer you on and motivate your commitment to good health.

Commit a weekend devoted to your fitness retreat and discover the difference this short time can make in your confidence and focus on a healthy lifestyle.  If you are nearby in Manchester, ladies bootcamp retreats are conducted at The Britannia Country House in Didsbury. There is a health club and spa on site as well as two restaurants. Your Motivate Bootcamp ladies retreat includes comfortable accommodations, meals and our kick start fitness sessions and workshops. Our trainers will equip you with a plan for exercise, weight loss and information about nutrition and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. You will be given the tools to incorporate the knowledge you’ve gained into your everyday life.

One important benefit of our ladies bootcamp in Manchester is fun and laughter. Our groups are small so you will make new friends, share experiences and have time to just relax. When you step away from your daily routine and place yourself in a new environment your perspective changes. You may more clearly see how much of yourself you give to your responsibilities leaving little time for self care and rejuvenation. We see the results of “burn out” all around us. It presents itself in fatigue, obesity and depression. Call us at Motivate Bootcamp and schedule your fitness retreat. It’s time to do yourself a favour and have fun. Lighten up and burn off that toxic negative energy with cleansing nutrition and muscle awakening physical activity.