New Year Fitness Tips




Check out our top tips for changing your lifestyle in 2020


Make fitness a priority

Make health and fitness your priority and achieve real results. If you want to make changes, then you are going have to commit. Schedule a fitness session into your diary just as you would an appointment at the doctors and dentist, it’s just as important, maybe even more so, with all the physical and mental wellbeing benefits that comes with it


Keep your goals short and specific

Setting long term goals can be an ultimate aim, for example lose 2 stone in 12 months. However, short term it is easier to set smaller more realistic goals, it helps with the mindset and the motivation. 2 stone over 12 months is less than 1lb a week which is easily achievable, and hitting a weekly target will keep your motivation levels high. Goal setting is something we use with our boot campers, if you would like a goal setting worksheet then just CONTACT US and we will happily email you a copy


Get fit with a friend

Gym buddies are the perfect way to keep up your motivation. Not only do you get to see your friends and socialise, but you are also getting a sweat on and getting healthy. We know this is a big factor, which is why we do our ladies only group fitness retreats. Having a fitness family is a fantastic way to keep going with your long-term goals. If you haven’t got any friends who would like to work out, then not to worry – becoming a regular at fitness classes in the gym and community will soon lead to a new circle of friends


Variety is key

One of the main reasons people quit fitness and healthy eating is the boredom, and repetitiveness, but It doesn’t have to be like this. Most gyms tend to have approx. 50 different classes throughout the week, so mix it up and give them a try. Ideally every 8-12 weeks you should be changing your routine. Don’t be scared to give different classes a go either, most people (at this time of year especially) are new to the fitness classes. If you are struggling, then why not join a group of like-minded ladies at one of our boot camp retreats and we can help you to start the process. We offer the New Year Kickstart Camps in Manchester, Buxton, and Hinckley in Leicestershire

Meal planning doesn’t have to be boring either, there are so many recipes available, so try being creative and changing things weekly to keep it interesting. Download our free ebook for some great recipes (CLICK HERE)


Track your progress

People are motivated by results, whether its weight loss, inches, dress size, compliments, running times etc – so why not track it and you can check that you are on track. There are many apps for this now, or you can just go back to basic and write it down. Being on track will give you the motivation to continue your journey. Take before and after photos too, which will be perfect for visual results. We receive great results after just 7 nights at our Portugal Fitness & Wellbeing Holidays, imagine what results you could get if you stuck to a programme for 6 months, and tracked it all the way


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