Corporate wellbeing events – look after your staff!

Would your company like to offer a corporate get-away to your employees? A chance for them to rejuvenate, relax, and give them the kickstart to a healthy lifestyle which will benefit not only the individual, but the company.

We offer a number of options including one day wellbeing days and 2/3 day retreats. This is the ideal chance to give something back to your employees. They are private and can be tailored to your businesses needs and goals, and structured so that everybody receives individual attention and lifestyle transformation.

What’s included in your corporate fitness activity:

Accommodation if residential

Varied exercise sessions including teamwork activities

Workshops focused on healthy living and nutrition

Nutritious meals and snacks

Dedicated fitness trainers

Aftercare support

* location can be convenient to you. 

As part of our package we specialise in finding achievable ways to help you – and your staff – make massive improvements in your wellness, fitness and health. Our aim is to motivate, educate and encourage your team to make better choices about their lifestyle and to give them the kick-start needed to achieve this. But don’t worry – we’re all about being realistic! We know what city jobs entail – the hours, the socialising, the snatched lunches – or long lunches, and of course the stress. But with our simple strategies to change the way you make choices in your daily life, you will achieve the benefits of a having a healthy workforce:

Improved staff morale & motivation

Reduced business costs as there will be a decrease in absences due to ill health & stress.

Enhanced energy, productivity and pressure management.

It’s simple: Your workforce has a direct impact on the wealth of your business.

SO…. Invest in your staff, and reap the rewards with a happy, motivated – WELL – team. As well as a healthy bank balance!

Corporate Wellbeing Motivate Bootcamp

One day to 7 day wellbeing options are available throughout the UK, the days are bespoke and we work with you to create the perfect package for your company.

We aim to help people of all fitness levels, regardless of shape and size. Our mission is to improve the health of staff and in return help improve your business.

‘If you want to be pushed pass your comfort zone, see what your body can really do, receive realistic nutritional advice and more importantly be supported and enjoy the whole process thoroughly then Motivate Bootcamp is a must! It helps you build bonds with those taking part in the boot camps and it is an amazing way to de-stress. There was a mix of classes such as Boxing, Insanity, Hiit, circuits, Zumba, Pilox, Power Walks, Abs, resistance and stretch. We burned a massive 8000 calories over 1 full day and 2 half days. The days were finished off with a sauna, steam and Jacuzzi bliss to sooth our aching muscles. We laughed and joked through the whole weekend, it was hard work but certainly did not feel it. I will be repeating it quarterly and doing a top up day every 4 weeks. Bikini body here I come!!!

Gemma Pyatt / Call Centre Manager / Blue Bay Travel Ltd

'Great weekend bootcamp, tough and challenging programme with a great supportive trainer! Great for kickstarting or boosting a healthy body and mind'

Ele Morrissey / Group head of people and performance / Aspire group