Nutrition whilst at Bootcamp

Health and nutrition are very important to us all. How we feel on the inside both physically and mentally has a knock on effect as to how we lead our lives. Along with weight control and fitness, food is one of the most important aspects of our health. We should not feel tired, lethargic, or possibly even irritable. These are side effects which can be expected of a diet dominated by processed food. Therefore a diet where food has had little or no processing has much more nutritional value.Your diet whilst here has been planned to ensure your weightloss is maximised, but still ensuring you have lots of energy to keep you motivated throughout the day. You have three light meals and 2 snacks per day which are all designed to boost weightloss/detox.

Our experts will ensure that you will get the optimum calories, vitamins and minerals you need in order to reach your goals each day. Combined with the exercise programme you participate in each day you will lose weight whilst eating the very best food each day.

Sample bootcamp menu: (Varies dependant on venue)

  • Breakfast – Full hot and cold options available in the restaurant
  • Snack – Variety of fruit
  • Lunch – Quorn/cous cous/salad with wholegrain wraps
  • Snack – Granola/nuts
  • Evening Meal – 3 course evening meal in the restaurant (all diets catered for)


We are also now offering Online Nutrition Packages with our Nutritionist

Please contact us for full information on these as they are bespoke and tailored to each individual