Home Personal Training in Cheshire

We offer Home Personal Training throughout Shavington, Nantwich, and the surrounding areas

What is Personal Training?

A Fitness Programme that fits into your life!

How many times have you tried to achieve the body you desire or maintain a healthy eating program only for it to fail? Put an end to wasted time and finally achieve a great body and lifestyle, and learn how to maintain it. Whatever your goal, whether it’s weight loss, toning, muscle building, sports specific, or just general fitness, we can help you to achieve it – and you can do this from the comfort of your own home!

Home Personal Training in Cheshire Motivate Bootcamp

What do you receive with our Personal Training Packages?

FREE Initial consultation

This is where your journey begins. This is where we discuss your aims and goals and devise the best way for you to achieve these

Regular Health MOT

This is to keep track of your progress, and includes full body analysis including weight, body fat, body muscle, body water, visceral fat, measurements, plus fitness testing to monitor your cardio and strength

One On One Workouts

This is a bespoke workout where I work one on one with you, at a location convenient to you – whether that’s your home, office, or outdoor space. I will take you through a series of workouts that are designed for you and your goals

Exercise Programme Design

Depending on your goals you will receive a personal exercise programme for when I’m not with you. It will be personal to yourself and will include elements of cardio, resistance, core work, and stretch. It will also be based on where you will be exercising and what equipment you have.

Nutritional Guidance and Advice

We ask every new client to keep food diaries of exactly what you eat. This way we can assess your dietary habits and make positive changes that are specific to you. We are also very careful to integrate your nutritional plan within your existing lifestyle. We won’t be giving you a diet, rather implementing a lifestyle change which will be achievable, enjoyable, and will be manageable over the long term.

Discount off all ladies residential weekend bootcamps

You will receive discount for yourself and friends for all of our weekend bootcamps. Just coming once a year will save you £125 which you can use towards your monthly online personal training, and your friends will also benefit too if they come with you.

We have a number of PT packages available:

Single payment sessions (from £35)

6/8/12 Week Transformational Packages (from £360)