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Fitness Holiday in Portugal

A Fitness Holiday in Portugal is a great way to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals

Have you have ever felt that you could begin your fitness journey if only you had a few days to yourself to think it through?


Every day you start and every day brings a crisis that throws your focus elsewhere

It’s your job or family members whose needs overtake and overwhelm any self-thoughts you might have

You may start a healthy eating plan at breakfast and by dinner it’s long forgotten. By midnight you are starving and stuffing fast food.

If so then why not join us on our 7 Night Fitness Holidays and Portugal and take some well needed time out to focus on yourself. Combine this with 24 hour support from our fantastic personal trainers and you have all the tools you need in order to achieve your goals

Fitness Holiday in Portugal Motivate Bootcamp

A lifestyle with no consideration for your own health and fitness may be perceived as admirable by some, but here at Motivate Bootcamp we encourage you to focus on yourself.  Bring a friend or come solo and join our small group of ten maximum for a life changing retreat. Our private villa offers twin or private accommodations and all meals are prepared by our on site chef. We have a lovely pool and patio area for relaxing or the beach is just a short distance away. You don’t have to concern yourself with anything except fitness, relaxation, and social enjoyment

On the first day of your fitness holiday in Portugal our Motivate Bootcamp staff will discuss your goals with you, and with that in mind we will recommend fitness sessions designed to meet those goals. You will also take part in several workshops designed toward healthy living. Before departure, we consult with you again to analyse your progress give  you tips on continuing your new fitness lifestyle when your return home.

Fitness Holiday in Portugal Motivate Bootcamp

Check our our fitness holiday options, All Inclusive, Self Catering, and Vegan Options available for our fitness & weight loss holidays in Portugal

Take this time and opportunity with Motivate Bootcamp for yourself. When you return home from your fitness & wellbeing holiday in Portugal, you will feel revitalised and your diet and fitness goals will be well defined.

Book Now for just £199 deposit, plus we offer interest free monthly payments on all Portugal Fitness Holidays

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How To Avoid Gaining Weight At Christmas

During the Christmas holidays, many people experience weight gain, and then regret it after and spend months trying to shift the weight

The easiest thing to do is to try and not gain the weight in the first place

Here are some tips to help you through the Christmas period…..


Keep active with family and friends

Many traditions involve sitting around watching tv but try and mix this up with activities such as walking, cycling, or even playing an active game on the games console. If you don’t try and keep a balance, then being inactive combined with the overeating during Christmas will lead to weight gain

Snack wisely

Snacking is a common occurrence during the holidays, and many of them tend to be unhealthy. Try and limit these snacks as many treats contain unhealthy fats and added sugars. Aim to keep up with your fruit and veg snacks, and maybe try making your own Christmas snacks. They will definitely be healthier than buying from the supermarket

Watch Your Portion Sizes

Eating large portion sizes means you will gain weight, plus you will also feel tired and grumpy – is it really worth it?

Best way to limit portion size is to use smaller plate 

Practice Mindful Eating

Eating in front of the tv?

Eating on the way to the office?

Multi-tasking whilst eating?

You are more likely to overeat if you are not paying attention to what you are actually eating, as you won’t recognise when you are full

Take 5 minutes out of your day and enjoy your food! Also chew thoroughly and slowly and don’t rush

Get Some Sleep

Not having enough sleep can lead to weight gain

Studies have shown that those who don’t sleep enough tend to be hungrier, eat more, and exercise less. It’s also been linked to having a slower metabolism

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Christmas can be stressful, and stressed people tend to have high levels of cortisol, a hormone that’s released in response to stress – and yes you guessed it – this can cause weight gain

Try to keep your stress to a minimum, using exercise, meditation and yoga

Have Balanced Meals

Meals and snacks over the xmas period are typically high in carbohydrates but low in protein. Protein is vital as it reduces hunger and helps with weight management, and try to keep simple carbs to a minimum as they will send your insulin levels all over the place (another thing that can cause weight gain)

Good sources of protein include meat, poultry, fish, and some plant foods like beans and quinoa.

Include Fibre

Do your best to eat fibre rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. They help to keep you full, plus eliminating the need to overeat

Limit Desserts

Most desserts are very high calorie, so pick wisely.

Enjoy your favourites but in small amounts, and not every day!

Limit Liquid Calories

Christmas is a time when everyone drinks more alcohol, and indulges in sweet drinks

Alcohol is empty calories and will cause weight gain. If you are drinking then think of low-calorie options such as gin & tonic, vodka & soda

Also be careful you also don’t indulge to much on the sweet drinks from Costa Coffee and McDonald’s, these are high calorie and are loaded with sugar

Avoid processed foods

Try and cook as much as you can from scratch. Items like boxed mash potato and stuffing have lots of excess sugar and unhealthy fats

Make it an activity and bake snacks and make mince pies, rather than buying them ready to eat. This way you will know what’s in them

Skip seconds

Calories from extra helpings can contribute quickly to weight gain. Limit yourself to just one plate, and meal prep the rest of the food – you don’t need it now!


If you are struggling and need a kickstart, then join us in 2021 for a New Year Fitness Bootcamp

These are ladies only and suitable for all ages and abilities

Our UK Bootcamps are a great weekend of fitness & relaxation where you can have a break, focus on yourself, and give yourself a kickstart

If you would like a longer experience, then check out our 7-night All-inclusive Portugal Weight Loss Camps which are designed to help you lose weight, get fit, and feel great


portugal bootcamp

What Are The Benefits Of A Weight loss Holiday in Portugal & Spain?

What Are The Benefits Of A Weight loss Holiday in Portugal & Spain?

We have been running our fitness & weight loss holidays in Europe for the past 7 years, and have had over 1000 people joining us for the experience of a lifetime

If you have been thinking about joining us on one of our All Inclusive Retreats in Portugal or Spain but haven’t had the courage to book, then check out some of the reasons below why you should take the plunge!


You Will Have a Great Time And The Experience Of A Lifetime

Our fitness and weight loss holidays in Europe are not just about working out 24/7 and continuous exercise. We understand this is a holiday for you and we aim to make it as enjoyable as possible. Healthy living is about the mind and the body!

  • You will you make a fantastic new set of friends. We know this this as many people come back year after year with people thy have met at camp
  • Each afternoon is free time, giving you a chance to top up your tan by the pool, hit the beach in Albufeira or Puerto Del Carmen, or head into town for a bit of shopping
  • One night we arrange a restaurant in the Old Town, and there is a chance to have a dance at the live band bar that we head to after food (and maybe a cheeky cocktail)
  • On the last day we arrange an excursion, from boat trips, to a surf lesson, there’s lots of activities available

What Are The Benefits Of A Weight loss Holiday in Portugal & Spain? Motivate Bootcamp


Expert Coaching From Our Fitness Team

Our bootcamp team have a vast experience between us, and many have been in the industry for over 15 years. We have knowledge in fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and general wellbeing, and we are hand 24/7 throughout your time at our fitness retreat to help you in any way that we can. We also have an onsite chef who makes all the meals fresh throughout the week. We aren’t military instructors and we do like to have fun, and especially wind each other up 🙂

What Are The Benefits Of A Weight loss Holiday in Portugal & Spain? Motivate Bootcamp


Dedicate Your Time To Losing Weight With No Distractions

Our weightloss holiday in Spain or Portugal is 7 days, and you can really start your body transformation with us. We have had results ranging from 4lbs to over 1 stone over the course of the weight loss camp. The reason for this is everything is catered for you, all of your meals are planned to help you lose weight but give you enough energy for the days, and so are the fitness sessions. This specialised weight loss week abroad is based around helping you to lose weight and feel great

We also run numerous workshops on nutrition, goal setting, lifestyle, and meal planning for when you leave us so that you can carry on your journey and reach your goals

What Are The Benefits Of A Weight loss Holiday in Portugal & Spain? Motivate Bootcamp


Take a Break From Normal Life

It’s difficult to focus on yourself in normal life, as you have a variety of things pulling you different ways, from family, friends, work etc. The experience at our weight loss camp really is about taking some well needed time out to focus on you. A fitness camp in Spain or Portugal is the perfect break away

What Are The Benefits Of A Weight loss Holiday in Portugal & Spain? Motivate Bootcamp


Motivation and Support

Struggling with motivation? Our 7 night fitness camps in Europe definitely give you this! You will leave at the end of your stay with us feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready for anything that life throws at you. You aren’t just a number to us, and even after the bootcamp has finished we will be there for every step of the way through email and social media support.We are a bootcamp family and you will now be a part of this

What Are The Benefits Of A Weight loss Holiday in Portugal & Spain? Motivate Bootcamp


Still not sure? Then check our our reviews on SOCIAL MEDIA

We have dates available in Portugal – plus we have our new Ultimate Weight Loss Winter Retreat in Lanzarote which will be announced soon. Contact us for more details on this venue

CLICK HERE for more information on our Portugal Bootcamps

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Why post lockdown is the PERFECT time to book a Bootcamp Break

Would you benefit from a post lockdown Fitness & Weight Loss Bootcamp?

The last few years of chaos caused by the pandemic have taken a toll on all of us- physically, emotionally and mentally. We could all do with some time to recharge, reset and invest back into ourselves. A ladies fitness retreat is ideal to benefit your mind, body and soul, and have a great time too!

A Mini Break just for YOU

One of the main benefits is that you get to have a break away with a group of other like-minded ladies with similar goals. It is a break away from the stresses of everyday life and a chance to focus on YOU and only you!

For the Portugal Bootcamp it is also a holiday, with plenty of relaxation time, evenings out, sports massage and social time for you to enjoy the beautiful Algarve.

Why post lockdown is the PERFECT time to book a Bootcamp Break Motivate Bootcamp

Jumpstart Your Results

Many of us report gaining ‘the quarantine 15lbs’ over the past few months as a result of stress, reduced access to gyms and being stuck in at home. Let us help you with your weight loss and take away the obstacles getting in the way. On our Portugal Bootcamp Retreats all inclusive breaks you can expect to lose anything between 5lbs and a stone, depending on how much you have to lose. You can also expect to lose lots of inches too (average is between 5-10 per person). Our bootcamp weekends in the UK are more of a kickstart, but you can still expect to lose a few pounds and inches, and most of our customers then go on to lose loads more as a result in the following few weeks.


Make New Friends

After months of significantly less social contact, many of us have reported feeling ‘lonely’ or ‘disconnected’ with people that make a difference to our lives. Our Bootcamps are a great opportunity to socialise with your friends or make new ones who will motivate you once the retreat ends. People keep in touch and keep each other moving forwards once bootcamp ends. Don’t worry if you are coming solo either, you will soon become part of the bootcamp family, nobody is left out in any activities.

Why post lockdown is the PERFECT time to book a Bootcamp Break Motivate Bootcamp

Boost your Motivation

One of the main aspects of the bootcamp weekends and fitness holidays is to help you find your motivation, build positive habits and keep you moving forwards to your goals. You will not only rediscover your love of exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle, but also learn new ways to keep you on track for when you go home. We continue to support you at home and keep you connected with other Bootcampers after your time with us.


 Destress and refocus your mind

 A big part of our Bootcamps is about wellness and feeling fantastic inside and out. We recognise the importance of mental as well as physical health. We offer workshops to better understand yourself, build confidence, focus on your goals and map how to get there. We also include Yoga, Pilates stretch sessions and option sports massage to restore your body and mind.

You can find out more about the benefits of exercise and mental health on our blog – CLICK HERE


Feel Good and build your confidence

We often have people start a bootcamp with low self-esteem and body conscious. Through a combination of workshops, improving your diet and fun physical activity, we will help you build your confidence and feel confident inside and out.


Boost your immune system

Exercise, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are all factors that influence the immune system, resulting in a lower rate of infections and faster recovery.

Regular exercise can also affect other factors impacting immunity such as:

-improved sleep;

-maintaining a healthy weight;

-managing stress and reducing depression and anxiety;

-improving overall quality of life.


Have Fun

We aren’t a military bootcamp, and we aren’t going to scream and shout at you. We want you to have fun and enjoy your experience with us, whilst motivating you to challenge yourself. We are a supportive bootcamp and everyone works together to have a great time whilst giving it 110%.

Why post lockdown is the PERFECT time to book a Bootcamp Break Motivate Bootcamp

We have lots of dates and different types of bootcamps to choose from, including Manchester, Buxton, Hinckley, Leeds, Chester and Portugal, and we will be adding more as the year goes on. You can also book all of our 2022 & 2023 ladies bootcamps with just a deposit – CLICK HERE


Hope to see you at Bootcamp!


motivate bootcamp 3 peaks challenge

How to stay Motivated? Our Top Tips!

How to stay Motivated? Our Top Tips!

We all know how difficult it can be at times to feel motivated to workout, especially after a few long days at work or when the cold dark days are setting in. DON’T WORRY! Motivate Bootcamp are here to help with some top tips to stay motivated all of the time!


  • At the end of each week try and set aside half an hour to write a fitness schedule for the following week. Try and book in your classes or just plan out what workouts you will be doing and when. By doing this you are more likely to stick to the plan and will feel a sense of accomplishment when you have completed the exercises! This will eventually just become part of your normal routine! Check out our typical schedule for UK Bootcamps & Portugal
  • Set Goals! This is so important for your motivation! Whether you are looking to drop a dress size, lose inches or fit into an old pair of jeans setting goals will help keep you on track! Why not reward yourself when you have completed the goal by buying some new clothes to show off all of your hard work? Don’t forget to set a new goal to work towards!
  • Make sure you keep a record of your achievements! Take photos and measurements every three to four weeks. This will help you to see your progression and keep you motivated to carry on! This is something that we do on our 7 night Portugal fitness camps, its a great feeling when you start to see results
  • The key to not getting bored is variety! Why not try a new online class? Or look up a new exercise to try at home? Join your local instructor in zoom classes, or use online programmes such as Les Mills and Peloton. Many offer free trials to get you started This will help keep your mind focused and you might find something you really enjoy! Then it won’t feel like a chore- Bonus! You could also sign up for a virtual run, a triathlon or even a bootcamp. (that last one sounds like a great idea!) This will help keep you fully focused and help you achieve your goals! if you are looking for tips on new classes then we have a great variety on our Weekend Fitness Boot Camps, come along and give it a try!
  • Try working out with friends, whether its a socially distanced walk or a zoom workout! Not only will you be getting fit but you can also have a catch up! There has been research into this and it has shown that working out with a friend can push you harder than if you worked out alone! Nothing like a bit of healthy competition to see who can complete the most burpees in a minute! 
  • This point is so important! Remember how good you feel after a workout! No one has ever completed a workout and regretted it! Your body and mind feel fantastic after a workout right? Next time you are struggling to get out of bed for that morning class just try and think of how good you will feel for the rest of the day!


Hopefully these tips have helped you to get motivated when it comes to exercise! What are you waiting for?

If you would like more motivation then join one of our fitness retreats. They range from 2 day fitness and wellbeing events to 7 night Weight Loss retreats in Portugal. For more information please CLICK HERE

For a full list of Dates CLICK HERE

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss?

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss?

A Fitness & Weight Loss holiday may be just what you need, especially if you are struggling to take that much need timeout to focus on yourself, develop your goals, and put a plan in place so you can be the best version of you


Exercise in Different Surroundings

Instead of exercising in a gym, or at home, these luxury retreats tend to give you the chance to work out somewhere that you may not usually have access to. At our Portugal boot camps we exercise daily in the beautiful Algarve, whether it’s by the pool, beach, or in the open countryside. It really does have a massive impact on your mood and gives you great mental clarity as well as physical. You are away from all the modern stresses of everyday life, technology being a big part of this. It enables you to switch off and have a much-needed time out, not forgetting the fantastic tan you will get too because of the weather!

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp

Fully Focused Mentality

You will get a chance to really reflect on your current lifestyle and have the time to make the changes needed for when you return home. There is nothing to stop you getting to grips with everything in your life while at a weight loss camp. Whilst at bootcamp we have workshops on goal setting, nutrition, meal plans plus many more which are designed you help you to create a plan for once you leave us. Post boot camp support is also available for as long as you need us

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp


Access to Fitness Trainers & Equipment

Back home, many of you will only have access to fitness trainers if you pay a lot of money on personal training. Many situations involve being part of large class-based environments with limited personal attention. This is one of the reasons that we limit our numbers on our luxury retreats to 12 people. The enables us to give you personalised attention during your 7-night Portugal break, with personal trainers available 24/7 for whatever you need, whether its nutrition & fitness advice, or even just someone to talk to about any other lifestyle issues you may have. You also have full access to our fitness equipment for the duration of your stay, plus a private swimming pool. It really is the best place to gain as much knowledge and tips from us as you can, and we love helping you to learn and develop

We have a wide range of fitness classes during the week (over 30 classes – all of them are optional), so it’s the perfect time to try something new, and increase your confidence in the process.

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp


Support Methods

One of the ways our wellness retreats works perfectly, is that everyone joins us for similar reason, that they need sometime away to be active and focus on themselves. Over the course of the week you will meet friends for life, and it’s an extremely supportive group. We always do everything together, including sitting together for all meals. We also have BBQ nights and arrange group activities like a boat trip, paddle boarding etc. We have many people re booking with people that they met on the boot camp time and time again, which shows us just how supportive retreats can be. We also have private Facebook and WhatsApp groups that are set up before the camp, so people can get to know each other

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp



Our retreats are not just about exercising throughout the day (like most other bootcamps do), we appreciate that it is also a holiday. This is why each day we have relaxation time every afternoon, giving you the chance to soak up the sun by the pool, read a book, or head to the beach or nearby town – we are a bootcamp and holiday combined in one. We also have an evening out in Albufeira Old Town, where we use a restaurant overlooking the beach (amazing sunset), and then there is an option to have a few drinks and a dance for those who would like to let their hair down.

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp

Our Portugal Fitness Camps are designed around our members, and we are continuously changing and improving them year on year. We have a fantastic network of fitness trainers and lifestyle coaches who we bring with us, and we have a chef with over 20 years’ experience, who is there throughout your stay to provide you with delicious and nutritious meals

We run the retreats throughout the year, and they do fill up quite quickly. If you would like to book then it’s just £199 deposit and the balance can either be paid 12 weeks before your event, or it can be paid monthly (just let us know what option you prefer once booked)


boxing at bootcamp

Looking for a Weight Loss Fitness Camp that gets RESULTS?

Looking for a Weight Loss Fitness Camp that gets RESULTS?

Join us on one of our weight loss camps. We have these available in the UK and Portugal.


What’s the difference in our Residential Ladies’ Bootcamps?


2 & 3 Day UK Residential Boot Camp

Our UK 2-Day Weight Loss Camps are aimed at giving you the motivation and the kickstart to start your journey. You will take part in a variety of fitness sessions over the weekend, and different workshops (on nutrition, barriers to exercise, and goal setting). The aim of this is to give you the tools to carry on your journey once you leave us, and to give you the motivation to start exercising and eating healthy. It’s a packed-out event, but we still give you time later on in the day to hit the spa and relax. All of your meals and snacked are included too, leaving you with headspace to focus on yourself. We have lots of venues to choose from, including Manchester Bootcamp, Buxton Bootcamp, Leeds Bootcamp, and our Budget Bootcamp Weekend in Derbyshire

Prices are from just £99pp plus only £75 deposit (private and shared rooms are available)

Looking for a Weight Loss Fitness Camp that gets RESULTS? Motivate Bootcamp

7 Night Residential Portugal Fitness & Weight Loss Holidays

Our female only 7-night all-inclusive Portugal Retreats are more focused on weight loss and transformation. Your stay with us is for 7 days and includes a specialist team available 24/7 to give you support and advice on every aspect of your life, from fitness & nutrition, to general lifestyle tips to keep you on track once you leave us. We also have our own in-house chef, providing all of your meals and snacks for you, giving you that all important 7-day detox.

This bootcamp is split up in a way that gives you a holiday too! We exercise in the morning and early evening, but give you each afternoon off, giving you some crucial relation time, which is so important to living a healthy life. We also have more healthy living workshops on these week retreats, giving you lots of information to help with your weight loss. The average loss on the weight loss breaks in Portugal vary between 4lbs and 14lbs, but most of our ladies usually lose double this within the first 8 weeks of being back in the UK. We are also here post bootcamp for any support that you need.

The location is simply stunning for our Portugal retreat, being based in a luxury 7-bedroom villa with its own private pool and gardens in the beautiful Algarve, and within 20 minutes’ walk of the beach, Albufeira old town, and marina. Prices are only £799 for a shared room or £899 for a private room, plus only £199 deposit. (Interest free payment plans are also available)

Looking for a Weight Loss Fitness Camp that gets RESULTS? Motivate Bootcamp

Both of our boot camp options are affordable, feel free to check out our competitors. We are generally about 30% cheaper, but we are still a luxury retreat and don’t miss anything out! The only reason we are cheaper is that we are in this for our clients and not just for the money, we love what we do! We have a great bootcamp family, and many of our ladies’ book again with us time and time again, it’s fantastic to see the changes in people over time, and incredibly rewarding (Check out our reviews)


For more information on our Camps just click the links

Portugal 7 Night Retreats

2 Day UK Bootcamps


To reserve your place at one of our retreats just CLICK HERE

Or to Contact Us CLICK HERE

Looking for a Weight Loss Fitness Camp that gets RESULTS? Motivate Bootcamp

Fitness Holiday

Portugal Bootcamp May 2018 – the ladies smashed it!

We are back from an amazing two weeks at our Portugal Bootcamp Retreat and cant wait to go back! We had 23 ladies joining us for the first week which was a self-catering bootcamp, then another 8 ladies joining us for the second week which was the All Inclusive Bootcamp (It was our first one and an incredible success that half of them have already re-booked for next year)

Portugal Bootcamp May 2018 - the ladies smashed it! Motivate Bootcamp            Portugal Bootcamp May 2018 - the ladies smashed it! Motivate Bootcamp

Over each week we had 30 sessions, designed to give everyone the kick-start or weightloss they needed (or those who are into regular fitness then more of a fitness holiday). The sessions included elements of cardio, resistance, core and stretch and included sessions such as zumba, combat, clubbercise, circuits, interval runs, hiit, Core, Pilates, Yoga, Aqua, plus many more – we even have a sandbag workout on the beach and play rounder’s too! It’s all about getting an equal balance of working hard but having fun too. All of the sessions are optional but most chose to join in most of them, leaving them with the best results of weight loss and inches – plus feeling great!

Portugal Bootcamp May 2018 - the ladies smashed it! Motivate Bootcamp Portugal Bootcamp May 2018 - the ladies smashed it! Motivate Bootcamp

On our boot camps it’s not just about the fitness though, it’s also about the mental well-being too, which is why each afternoon we give everybody time out for relaxation and a chance to enjoy the local area. After all, it is a holiday too and it would be a shame to come to Portugal and not have chance to see the stunning country (plus sample the local sangria as a few of the bootcampers did on the last afternoon). The bootcamp retreat is also a great social experience and we offer lots of opportunity for this, including arranged evenings out to the old town of Albufeira and also local restaurants, plus BBQ nights. On the last day many also took the opportunity to head out on excursions including boat trips, paddle boarding and skydiving (you only live once) – which we arranged for them too.

Portugal Bootcamp May 2018 - the ladies smashed it! Motivate Bootcamp Portugal Bootcamp May 2018 - the ladies smashed it! Motivate Bootcamp Portugal Bootcamp May 2018 - the ladies smashed it! Motivate Bootcamp

It’s now time to plan for the next one in October and to make continued improvements to the boot-camps and more investment to make it the best it can be. We only have a few places left in October so if you would like to come then please let us know, just £99 deposit. Alternatively, we have our 2019 Portugal bootcamp dates out now and people are starting to book on, places are limited so don’t delay. It’s an experience you will never forget and a holiday where you come back feeling amazing!

On the self catering bootcamp the only thing you have to worry about is booking your flights and your food over the week (which we help you with and help you to plan) – we arrange everything else. On the All Inclusive retreat you just need to book your flights and we take care of absolutely everything. Its a fantastic deal and if you check out our competitors then you will also see we are a lot cheaper than them too, but we don’t compromise on quality – we love our bootcampers and love that people return year after year and become part of our bootcamp family

Portugal Bootcamp May 2018 - the ladies smashed it! Motivate Bootcamp Portugal Bootcamp May 2018 - the ladies smashed it! Motivate Bootcamp

We cater for all ages abilities and we have a fantastic fitness team in place to help throughout the week (even a masseuse to help with any aches you may have) – so if you’re unsure about it, then give us a call on 07834233110 and we can go through any questions you may have.

See you by the pool! (oh yes we also have amazing accommodation including a private apartment complex and a stunning villa, both come with private pool and gardens)

CLICK HERE to reserve your space today!

Portugal Bootcamp May 2018 - the ladies smashed it! Motivate Bootcamp

group personal training

Portugal Bootcamp – join us today!

Join us on our Boot Camp Holiday in Portugal


A Boot camp holiday in Portugal with Motivate Bootcamp is a fantastic week away that can help you to improve fitness, lose weight, and give your body the kick-start it needs

Our bootcamp holiday is ladies only and is located in the beautiful Albufeira within the Algarve region. It varies from a lot of our competitors in that it is a holiday too and you get lots of time to enjoy the surroundings and relax, we are also a lot more affordable. We also include optional trips to local towns like Vilamoura and activities such as paddle boarding, surfing, jeep safari, and boat trips

We have a few options available including all inclusive, Vegan, & self-catering, and they all offer an unforgettable experience. Over 70% of our clients come year after year

Our all-inclusive and self catering bootcamp retreats are based at a fabulous villa on the outskirts of Albufeira (approx. 10 minutes’ drive to the old town and marina or 35 minutes’ walk). This is a 7-bedroom villa with a pool and is recently fully refurbished, and is one of our smaller group retreats, perfect for those looking for a bootcamp holiday with a more personal touch (10 people max).

With the All Inclusive option we takeover our own chef who makes all the meals/snacks fresh daily. With the  self-catering retreats it gives you flexibility on food, and there are large supermarkets nearby where you can do a food shop, we help you with choices. We also arrange evening meals out to local restaurants and we also host BBQ nights which make it a great social event and gives a holiday feel to it

Our days vary and consist of fitness sessions and workshops in the morning, followed by the afternoon off to relax, head out and explore, or to have massages (our masseuse comes in throughout the week), then early evening we finish with a few more sessions including Yoga/Pilates to finish. Then it’s time to relax and eat onsite on head out in the evening. This is what makes it more than a bootcamp, it’s a holiday too.

With prices starting from just £525, and just £199 deposit – make sure you are quick to reserve your place, as they do fill quickly.


For more info & to book your ladies bootcamp deposit , CLICK HERE

Portugal Bootcamp 2017 – Our Story

Hi everyone,

We have just come back from our Ladies Only Portugal Bootcamp in Albufeira and I thought id share a few of the things we did for those who may be thinking about booking with us on the next one.

Myself and Martin (one of the trainers) went on the Friday to get everything ready for the bootcampers arrival on the Saturday – and had a bit of relaxation before it kicks in. On the next day the clients arrived for their Portugal Bootcamp experience and we were ready to go 🙂

Portugal Bootcamp 2017 - Our Story Motivate Bootcamp

Once you book with us, we arrange everything so it runs nice and smoothly for you on arrival. Yellow Fish taxis welcome you and bring you directly to us where you settle in, and head off to the Pingo Doce supermarket to get your essentials for the week. Then the rest of the first day is full of sunbathing, relaxation, and an evening out to one of our favourite local restaurants – then the hard work begins!

Portugal Bootcamp 2017 - Our Story Motivate Bootcamp

Sunday morning is the start of the Bootcamp and 7am is the fitness tests, weigh ins and measurements – followed by a great mix of fitness classes and workshops on nutrition and healthy living throughout the morning, afternoons is solely for relaxation time. Throughout your week at bootcamp,  you can expect weight-loss, inch loss, and an increase of fitness, plus its the perfect kick-start for your body. Over the course of the next 5 days we had lots of cardio sessions including box-fit, zumba, interval runs, combat, aerobics, walks, salsacise, aqua aerobics, insanity, plus lots of resistance, core and stretch including circuits, functional training, core, and Pilates – plus we even had one night of glow zumba which was fantastic after a few gin and tonics! We are not a military bootcamp and we are here to have fun as well as exercise, after all, for some its the main holiday of the year – BUT – we are also here to motivate you, encourage, and to give you a fantastic bootcamp experience in Portugal where you will not only learn more about yourself and your habits, but you will also learn lots of new things and make friends for life! (we have ladies re-booking year after year with us and we count them as part of out extended family

Portugal Bootcamp 2017 - Our Story Motivate Bootcamp

In the evenings its also a great chance to socialise and relax – 3 of the nights we have an onsite BBQ, 3 nights we have optional trips out to local Portuguese restaurants (which do amazing fish – and piri piri that is literally to hot to even sample), one night we head out into the new town where we use a fantastic restaurant called ‘Doris’, and the other night we all venture into the old town of Albufeira and we eat in the same restaurant every year (its overlooking the beach with a gorgeous view of the ocean). From here we head out for a couple of drinks to watch a bit of live music and enjoy the atmosphere (there may be a few sore heads in the morning as some decide to go ‘out out’ but a walk to the beach and team games soon wakes everybody up)

As this is a holiday too, we do have free time, and this year we added an afternoon out to Vilamoura which was a fantastic place! We also have afternoons free to relax and do a bit of shopping and on the last day we also have a group outing. This year some ladies ventured into the old town of Albufeira for a bit of shopping and sangria (well deserved), whilst others including myself headed to the beach to have lunch and to do a bit of water sports 🙂 my first time on a jet ski and I loved it!

At the end of the week when people head home its always an emotional one – as you do grow so close to each other and meet friends for life!  You take home many memories, laughs, cries (from burpees) – but you also take home less weight, smaller waistline, and more importantly the motivation to continue your new healthy lifestyle. We love our bootcamp family and are not only there to support you whilst on bootcamp, but we keep in touch with you regularly throughout the year and I actually speak and see some bootcampers more than family – its what makes our job so complete and it is so rewarding 🙂

If this is something you are interested in then you can book online at www.motivatebootcamp.co.uk for just £99 deposit – or if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us

We love Portugal and know you will love it too!

Hope to see you in the sun 🙂

PS Don’t forget your Fitbit – the average was 20 – 25k per day (you will definitely win the midweek hustle)


Portugal Bootcamp 2017 - Our Story Motivate Bootcamp


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