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Fitness Holiday in Portugal

A Fitness Holiday in Portugal is a great way to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals

Have you have ever felt that you could begin your fitness journey if only you had a few days to yourself to think it through?


Every day you start and every day brings a crisis that throws your focus elsewhere

It’s your job or family members whose needs overtake and overwhelm any self-thoughts you might have

You may start a healthy eating plan at breakfast and by dinner it’s long forgotten. By midnight you are starving and stuffing fast food.

If so then why not join us on our 7 Night Fitness Holidays and Portugal and take some well needed time out to focus on yourself. Combine this with 24 hour support from our fantastic personal trainers and you have all the tools you need in order to achieve your goals

Fitness Holiday in Portugal Motivate Bootcamp

A lifestyle with no consideration for your own health and fitness may be perceived as admirable by some, but here at Motivate Bootcamp we encourage you to focus on yourself.  Bring a friend or come solo and join our small group of ten maximum for a life changing retreat. Our private villa offers twin or private accommodations and all meals are prepared by our on site chef. We have a lovely pool and patio area for relaxing or the beach is just a short distance away. You don’t have to concern yourself with anything except fitness, relaxation, and social enjoyment

On the first day of your fitness holiday in Portugal our Motivate Bootcamp staff will discuss your goals with you, and with that in mind we will recommend fitness sessions designed to meet those goals. You will also take part in several workshops designed toward healthy living. Before departure, we consult with you again to analyse your progress give  you tips on continuing your new fitness lifestyle when your return home.

Fitness Holiday in Portugal Motivate Bootcamp

Check our our fitness holiday options, All Inclusive, Self Catering, and Vegan Options available for our fitness & weight loss holidays in Portugal

Take this time and opportunity with Motivate Bootcamp for yourself. When you return home from your fitness & wellbeing holiday in Portugal, you will feel revitalised and your diet and fitness goals will be well defined.

Book Now for just £199 deposit, plus we offer interest free monthly payments on all Portugal Fitness Holidays

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss?

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss?

A Fitness & Weight Loss holiday may be just what you need, especially if you are struggling to take that much need timeout to focus on yourself, develop your goals, and put a plan in place so you can be the best version of you


Exercise in Different Surroundings

Instead of exercising in a gym, or at home, these luxury retreats tend to give you the chance to work out somewhere that you may not usually have access to. At our Portugal boot camps we exercise daily in the beautiful Algarve, whether it’s by the pool, beach, or in the open countryside. It really does have a massive impact on your mood and gives you great mental clarity as well as physical. You are away from all the modern stresses of everyday life, technology being a big part of this. It enables you to switch off and have a much-needed time out, not forgetting the fantastic tan you will get too because of the weather!

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp

Fully Focused Mentality

You will get a chance to really reflect on your current lifestyle and have the time to make the changes needed for when you return home. There is nothing to stop you getting to grips with everything in your life while at a weight loss camp. Whilst at bootcamp we have workshops on goal setting, nutrition, meal plans plus many more which are designed you help you to create a plan for once you leave us. Post boot camp support is also available for as long as you need us

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp


Access to Fitness Trainers & Equipment

Back home, many of you will only have access to fitness trainers if you pay a lot of money on personal training. Many situations involve being part of large class-based environments with limited personal attention. This is one of the reasons that we limit our numbers on our luxury retreats to 12 people. The enables us to give you personalised attention during your 7-night Portugal break, with personal trainers available 24/7 for whatever you need, whether its nutrition & fitness advice, or even just someone to talk to about any other lifestyle issues you may have. You also have full access to our fitness equipment for the duration of your stay, plus a private swimming pool. It really is the best place to gain as much knowledge and tips from us as you can, and we love helping you to learn and develop

We have a wide range of fitness classes during the week (over 30 classes – all of them are optional), so it’s the perfect time to try something new, and increase your confidence in the process.

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp


Support Methods

One of the ways our wellness retreats works perfectly, is that everyone joins us for similar reason, that they need sometime away to be active and focus on themselves. Over the course of the week you will meet friends for life, and it’s an extremely supportive group. We always do everything together, including sitting together for all meals. We also have BBQ nights and arrange group activities like a boat trip, paddle boarding etc. We have many people re booking with people that they met on the boot camp time and time again, which shows us just how supportive retreats can be. We also have private Facebook and WhatsApp groups that are set up before the camp, so people can get to know each other

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp



Our retreats are not just about exercising throughout the day (like most other bootcamps do), we appreciate that it is also a holiday. This is why each day we have relaxation time every afternoon, giving you the chance to soak up the sun by the pool, read a book, or head to the beach or nearby town – we are a bootcamp and holiday combined in one. We also have an evening out in Albufeira Old Town, where we use a restaurant overlooking the beach (amazing sunset), and then there is an option to have a few drinks and a dance for those who would like to let their hair down.

What Are The Benefits Of A Ladies Bootcamp Holiday Focused on Fitness & Weight Loss? Motivate Bootcamp

Our Portugal Fitness Camps are designed around our members, and we are continuously changing and improving them year on year. We have a fantastic network of fitness trainers and lifestyle coaches who we bring with us, and we have a chef with over 20 years’ experience, who is there throughout your stay to provide you with delicious and nutritious meals

We run the retreats throughout the year, and they do fill up quite quickly. If you would like to book then it’s just £199 deposit and the balance can either be paid 12 weeks before your event, or it can be paid monthly (just let us know what option you prefer once booked)