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Check out our Portugal Bootcamps from May 2019

What an amazing few weeks of Ladies Portugal Bootcamps we have just completed

We had a self-catering Ladies fitness holiday followed by an all-inclusive bootcamp retreat and they both were incredible, with 22 ladies all being put through their paces to achieve the goals they required

Check out our Portugal Bootcamps from May 2019 Motivate Bootcamp

Throughout both bootcamp weeks we had 30 fitness sessions delivered by our team of 6 fitness trainers, some trainers we brought with us from the UK and others are Portuguese and have been teaching for us on our bootcamps for the past 5 years. We have a great mix, from high intensity sessions such as hit, insanity, combat, attack, Zumba, and interval runs to relaxing sessions such as yoga, pilates, fit ball, and stretch. With our new equipment we can now offer lots of resistance classes too, kettlebell’s, pump,  and circuits were a great addition with the weights and ladies loved these although they were pretty tough! (throwing a 6kg ball against a wall is hard – especially after 1 minute!). On top of this we also had a beach fitness day and we took the ladies on a 10k coastal beach walk – the views were stunning! The fitness bootcamp retreats we offer cater for everyone, and all of our sessions can be adapted to suit all abilities’, it’s the benefit of having a highly experienced team.

Check out our Portugal Bootcamps from May 2019 Motivate Bootcamp

We appreciate it’s not just about the fitness, and there was lots of relaxation and laughs too (each afternoon was sunbathing time). We also had daily workshops which explored a variety of topics including nutrition, mindset, goal planning, barriers, and post bootcamp. These are essential for keeping the ladies motivated once they leave us – and we have had great feedback already. All of the ladies lost weight and inches whilst away, but since being back a few weeks they have now lost even more, and with the motivation still going strong, they are certainly on the right path to hitting their goals and feeling amazing. It’s why our bootcamps were created, to help others to achieve their goals in a supportive and fun environment, and one of the reasons why many people rebook with us year after year.

Check out our Portugal Bootcamps from May 2019 Motivate Bootcamp

The new villa we have is also getting rave reviews, and what’s not to love. With the 7 bedrooms, great lounge, kitchen, and amazing outside space including a private pool and sun loungers, it really us the perfect place for us to run the ladies’ retreats from. We have already secured it for the next 12 months and our dates are already out for 2020 if you are thinking of joining us, although you need to be quick – our self-catering one has already sold out. It’s just £99 deposit too, with the balance payable 12 weeks before the event. If you don’t want to wait until next year then we do have a few spaces left on our All-Inclusive fitness retreat in October – for full dates, please CLICK HERE

Check out our Portugal Bootcamps from May 2019 Motivate Bootcamp

The main difference between our 2 weeks was the catering. On the self-catering you have a lot more freedom, we give you options to eat out most nights in local restaurants for those who don’t want to cook, we have BBQ nights, plus there is a local supermarket only 5 minutes’ walk away where you can buy in your food shop for the week. With the All-Inclusive retreat all of your meals are made for you every day, the only exception being we offer an optional night out to the Old Town one-night midweek for a bit of a venture out. This is a fantastic night and it’s a chance for everyone to dress up and explore the local area too. Albufeira is a fantastic place and the local food is delicious.

Check out our Portugal Bootcamps from May 2019 Motivate Bootcamp

We are always making changes to improve our fitness retreats and we are looking forward to our next ones already. With new classes, meals, equipment, trainers and optional activities such as paddle-boarding and kayaking its bound to be another fantastic experience and a great fitness holiday break for our ladies.


If you would like to join us, or if you have any questions please CONTACT US


For full information on our Portugal Bootcamp Holidays CLICK HERE


Check out our Portugal Bootcamps from May 2019 Motivate Bootcamp

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Review from Portugal Bootcamp

Portugal Bootcamp 2018 Review

We had this review from one of our bootcampers on the recent Portugal Bootcamp – so thought we would share it with you!

Review by Victoria Peal

Motivate Bootcamp – it motivates and it’s a bootcamp, so it does what it says on the tin!!

Having attended a UK based weekend, I was keen to do a whole week in Portugal, and I can honestly say, I was not disappointed. The results were extremely pleasing too and I have returned to the UK determined to continue having got my fitness mojo well and truly back.

The accommodation was a 2 bedroomed apartment on a private complex which had other facilities such as a swimming pool and tennis court. The accommodation was spacious – dining kitchen, separate lounge diner and a wraparound balcony overlooking the pool. Whilst basic, it was comfortable and clean (towels and bed linen changed twice during the week).

There were a variety of fitness classes available and people were encouraged to attend them all – and let’s face it, when you’ve travelled that distance for a bootcamp, why wouldn’t you attend them all? We did a number of classes that I had never tried (read, avoided!) before and I was glad I did, although it’s unlikely I’ll be doing Zumba again given my 2 left feet!! The classes ranged from Body Combat, to Body Pump (adapted with resistance bands, which was tougher than I expected), Circuits, HIIT, Boxercise and LBT, and Pilates and Yoga. All classes delivered by enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainers. We had a range of abilities (as one would expect) and each was catered for.

Review from Portugal Bootcamp Motivate Bootcamp Review from Portugal Bootcamp Motivate Bootcamp

The structure of the day was perfect – especially given the heat. The day would start with an early morning run, followed by breakfast and an informative talk (on matters such as nutrition, motivation, body confidence) followed by three more classes before a well-earned rest and lunch! The afternoon was then your own – some chose to relax by the pool, others (like me!) opted to add to our step count for the day and head out into the local town or just for a long walk! Classes started again at 5 with one or two high impact classes followed by a much deserved stretching or Pilates or Yoga. I must admit, the 5pm class was a struggle after a day of activity, but I’m pleased that I went to them all and the more relaxing session at the end of the day felt that it set you up for the following day’s activities.
Whilst there were group plans made every evening (restaurants locally or a little farther afield or a barbeque), those who wanted to just do their own thing could do, although we had such a lovely group of co-campers that often we would do things as a group.

There were also additional things on offer should people wish to take part such as a reasonably priced sports massage (a VERY good one at that!) and a boat trip (I don’t do boats, but I’m told from my apartment-mate that a great time was had by all who went).

Review from Portugal Bootcamp Motivate Bootcamp

In all, over the 5 days I think I attended 32 hours worth of classes and did 160,000 steps!! It’s no wonder I was a little tired on my return home. I’m also thinking seriously about booking again for next year. The venue is changing (a little more luxury I’m told!) but I hope that the format (and trainers!) remain the same. I love the ethos of this bootcamp – ultimately we are all adults, we are given the information and the classes to attend and we can do as much or as little as we want and at the pace we want. If we want to be pushed we will be pushed (thanks Sara!!!!!). The results speak for themselves and I for one, am very pleased with mine. I’ve also made some fabulous new friends!!


Review from Portugal Bootcamp Motivate Bootcamp


For more reviews please CLICK HERE

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Why you should consider Fitness Holidays

Why You Should Consider Fitness Holidays


Whether you’re heading off on a fitness retreat or a bootcamp abroad, there are a number of fantastic benefits that come with choosing a fitness holiday. Of course, everyone enjoys a relaxing week away with family and friends. However, wouldn’t you prefer a holiday with fitness and health benefits? There are a number of benefits of choosing a fitness holiday, which is why they are becoming more and more popular. So, why should you consider opting for a bootcamp retreat in  the sun this year?

Why you should consider Fitness Holidays Motivate Bootcamp Why you should consider Fitness Holidays Motivate Bootcamp

Here’s Why You Should Choose a Fitness Holiday


  • Try Something Different – Even if you have been working out for a long time, it’s good to try something different eventually. Swapping your standard gym sessions or your nightly run for a bootcamp weekend or a 7 night residential bootcamp abroad is a great way to push your body in a new way. This can lead to impressive results in a relatively short amount of time.


  • Make Weight Loss and Fitness More Fun – Let’s face it, losing weight and getting fit isn’t fun for everyone. In fact, most people find themselves bored and unmotivated when they’re left to their own devices. Luckily this is where a fitness holiday comes in. Fitness holidays are fun and enjoyable, allowing you to lose weight and improve your fitness whilst spending time with like minded individuals. You also get a holiday out of it too as its not all about fitness, relaxation is a big part of it and many camps give you lots of free tome to enjoy the local area too


  • Enjoy a Change of Scenery – Heading off to a bootcamp abroad is the ideal way to combine fitness with a change of scenery. Though UK bootcamps are convenient and beneficial, you may want to opt for a warmer and sunnier weekend. There are a number of female bootcamps and fitness retreats abroad to choose from, including many in Portugal.


  • Varied and Unique Fitness Holidays to Choose From – There are a number of great fitness holidays to choose from including weight loss retreats, military bootcamps, bootcamp weekends and even bootcamps just for ladies. This means that you’re sure to find a fitness holiday that suits you. At Motivate Bootcamp, we run a number of female bootcamps and this allows us to ensure that there’s an ideal bootcamp for everyone.


As you can see, there are a number of great reasons to try a fitness holiday. Whether you’re bored with your current fitness regime or you’re looking to kick start a new weight loss plan, a female bootcamp could be the answer. Get in touch with Motivate Bootcamp to find out more.


Why you should consider Fitness Holidays Motivate Bootcamp

Ever Fancied A Bootcamp Holiday?

Ever thought of going to a bootcamp abroad and having an amazing fitness holiday where you can feel rejuvenated?

Why not join us at our Portugal Bootcamp Retreat and have the holiday of a lifetime. Not only will you lose weight, increase fitness, and feel fantastic, but you will meet friends for life, and many of our bootcampers return year after year

We are not a military bootcamp, and we are not there to shout at you all week and bark instructions. We are there to motivate you, support you, and provide you with a varied range of fitness classes and workshops designed to help you to get back on track, or to push your fitness to the next level if you already participate in regular fitness. We cater for everyone and we have a compete variety of ages and abilities joining us, all with different goals and aims


Ever Fancied A Bootcamp Holiday? Motivate Bootcamp


We are also not just a bootcamp, as we appreciate that people also need a bit of time out, and its also a holiday too! This is why our day is broken up to give you the best of both worlds. In a typical day you can expect to have a wake up workout followed by breakfast, a healthy living workshop, and a programme of fitness sessions up until lunch time. The afternoon is then free time giving everyone the chance to relax, soak up the rays, or head out to explore the area. Come 5pm and its cooled down so it is the perfect chance to finish the day with a few more sessions. Evening is a chance for everyone for relax and enjoy the night. On the self-catering bootcamp we arrange optional BBQ nights, evenings out to local Portuguese restaurants and the beautiful Old Town, and on the All Inclusive bootcamp we have our chef who provides all the meals and we eat together at the venue.

The Algarve is a fabulous place and is a great place to be active too. We also offer additional excursions such as an afternoon out to Vilamoura, cycling tours, and paddleboarding/surfing, making your bootcamp experience with us a truly memorable one

All this from only £499pp – less than half the price of our competitors. We have spaces available for October and we just need £99 deposit to book this, spaces are limited so don’t delay! Book Now


Ever Fancied A Bootcamp Holiday? Motivate Bootcamp     Ever Fancied A Bootcamp Holiday? Motivate Bootcamp