Top 8 Important Reasons Why Women Should Incorporate Resistant Training into Their Life 

Weight training can include bodyweight and/or adding other weights such as the bells (kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells) resistance bands, or resistance machines into your workouts.


So why is it so important for women to include this into their life?


  • Prevents the chances of developing Osteoporosis.

This is a condition where the bones become brittle of weak making you more at risk of breaks and fracture – but also preventing you to heal fully if this happens too. You might not being worrying about this when you’re younger, however women are 80% more likely to develop this condition compared to men due to a drop in hormones and hitting peri/ and full blown menopause.


  • Helps with Insulin Resistance

When your body becomes resistant to insulin is means you have too much glucose (sugar) in the blood for the cells to store and use as energy, thus creating a backlog and making you resistant. This isn’t good as your blood should transport glucose, not store it. Strength training is brilliant at utilising that excess glucose so that the muscles can soak it up out of the blood stream preventing your risk of pre diabetes or diabetes T2.


  • Fat loss and a change in body composition

Weight loss is something a lot of women want to achieve for different reasons. While any exercise can benefit in your goal for weight loss, strength training is the only form that will change your body composition over time as it become lean with muscle mass.


  • Burns more Calories than Cardio

Linking from the point above – the our body burns more calories when it has more muscles mass. So the lean you become the more you will burn in all over your workouts.


  • You’ll Improve Your Balance

If you’ve always been a little clumsy then lifting weight can greatly improve your balance due to training our fast twitch muscles which spring to action when you do lose your balance.


  • Reduces back pain

I always encourage women with back pain to start with body weight back strengthening exercises that process into weight lifting. Interestingly I also do this with prenatal clients as it helps them have less pain during the pregnancy. The earlier you start with this training the better!


  • Enhances Your Mood

Mental health has become a big talking point as so many of us can struggle in so many different ways. It’s not as taboo as it used to be, but there are still conversations to be had. So many people get into strength training to help improve their mindset and mood. Progressive overload means you can see progress that isn’t related or dependant to a scale number and obviously working out releases those endorphins (happy hormones)


  • Builds a better booty!

I’m actually not just talking about the atheistic here (also who doesn’t want a nice juicy peach!) Having strong glutes help us lift, prevent knee injury as well as aiding proper pelvic alignment.


Unsure of where to start? Join us on a fitness event in the UK or Portugal and let our experienced trainers help you on your journey