What is a Fitness Holiday?

If you are looking to increase fitness, lose weight, and have a holiday in the process, then a fitness holiday might be for you! This combines your traditional holiday with health & fitness elements, ensuring that you don’t come back home heavier than when you went and lose all the good work you have done prior to your trip


You may be worried that all you will be doing is working out and not actually enjoying the environment. This depends on what bootcamp you choose to attend. Some retreats tend to be very military style, with exercise throughout the day and no real time off for yourself, with a solid structure – whereas others offer a more relaxed approach. Take our Portugal Bootcamp for example, whilst still doing a fantastic 30+ hours of fitness sessions throughout the week, you also have every afternoon free to relax, we organise outings into the old town of Albufeira in the evenings, and we also have a last day trip out too – now does that sound more like a holiday or a fitness bootcamp? Combine this with spending time with a great bunch of ladies all looking for the same thing then you really do have the perfect combination of fun and healthy living.

The best thing to do if you are looking for a bootcamp abroad is to do your research, check out reviews, pictures, and even speak to people who have been onto them to see what it was like and whether it would be suitable for you (click here for our pictures from previous). These types of bootcamps run throughout the World with the most popular ones being in Europe – Spain and Portugal mainly. Don’t forget to check the price too, as the majority are very expensive and a little bit of a rip off to be honest – some can cost in the region of £1500 without flights (Oh yeah don’t forget ours are only £449 self catering and £799 All Inclusive)


Whichever option you choose, you will be sure to have a fantastic time and gain a healthy lifestyle as a result of it!