Why post lockdown is the PERFECT time to book a Bootcamp Break

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Would you benefit from a post lockdown Fitness & Weight Loss Bootcamp?

The last few years of chaos caused by the pandemic have taken a toll on all of us- physically, emotionally and mentally. We could all do with some time to recharge, reset and invest back into ourselves. A ladies fitness retreat is ideal to benefit your mind, body and soul, and have a great time too!

A Mini Break just for YOU

One of the main benefits is that you get to have a break away with a group of other like-minded ladies with similar goals. It is a break away from the stresses of everyday life and a chance to focus on YOU and only you!

For the Portugal Bootcamp it is also a holiday, with plenty of relaxation time, evenings out, sports massage and social time for you to enjoy the beautiful Algarve.

Why post lockdown is the PERFECT time to book a Bootcamp Break Motivate Bootcamp

Jumpstart Your Results

Many of us report gaining ‘the quarantine 15lbs’ over the past few months as a result of stress, reduced access to gyms and being stuck in at home. Let us help you with your weight loss and take away the obstacles getting in the way. On our Portugal Bootcamp Retreats all inclusive breaks you can expect to lose anything between 5lbs and a stone, depending on how much you have to lose. You can also expect to lose lots of inches too (average is between 5-10 per person). Our bootcamp weekends in the UK are more of a kickstart, but you can still expect to lose a few pounds and inches, and most of our customers then go on to lose loads more as a result in the following few weeks.


Make New Friends

After months of significantly less social contact, many of us have reported feeling ‘lonely’ or ‘disconnected’ with people that make a difference to our lives. Our Bootcamps are a great opportunity to socialise with your friends or make new ones who will motivate you once the retreat ends. People keep in touch and keep each other moving forwards once bootcamp ends. Don’t worry if you are coming solo either, you will soon become part of the bootcamp family, nobody is left out in any activities.

Why post lockdown is the PERFECT time to book a Bootcamp Break Motivate Bootcamp

Boost your Motivation

One of the main aspects of the bootcamp weekends and fitness holidays is to help you find your motivation, build positive habits and keep you moving forwards to your goals. You will not only rediscover your love of exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle, but also learn new ways to keep you on track for when you go home. We continue to support you at home and keep you connected with other Bootcampers after your time with us.


 Destress and refocus your mind

 A big part of our Bootcamps is about wellness and feeling fantastic inside and out. We recognise the importance of mental as well as physical health. We offer workshops to better understand yourself, build confidence, focus on your goals and map how to get there. We also include Yoga, Pilates stretch sessions and option sports massage to restore your body and mind.

You can find out more about the benefits of exercise and mental health on our blog – CLICK HERE


Feel Good and build your confidence

We often have people start a bootcamp with low self-esteem and body conscious. Through a combination of workshops, improving your diet and fun physical activity, we will help you build your confidence and feel confident inside and out.


Boost your immune system

Exercise, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are all factors that influence the immune system, resulting in a lower rate of infections and faster recovery.

Regular exercise can also affect other factors impacting immunity such as:

-improved sleep;

-maintaining a healthy weight;

-managing stress and reducing depression and anxiety;

-improving overall quality of life.


Have Fun

We aren’t a military bootcamp, and we aren’t going to scream and shout at you. We want you to have fun and enjoy your experience with us, whilst motivating you to challenge yourself. We are a supportive bootcamp and everyone works together to have a great time whilst giving it 110%.

Why post lockdown is the PERFECT time to book a Bootcamp Break Motivate Bootcamp

We have lots of dates and different types of bootcamps to choose from, including Manchester, Buxton, Hinckley, Leeds, Chester and Portugal, and we will be adding more as the year goes on. You can also book all of our 2022 & 2023 ladies bootcamps with just a deposit – CLICK HERE


Hope to see you at Bootcamp!